Depressed ? turn to Nick Vujicic for inspiration

We are in the verge of a world financial meltdown. Markets are going haywire! It as if we are riding on a horrible roller coaster ride that never seems to end.  The glees on the faces stock market brokers has now become a face of gloom. In times likes these, we really need some good inspiration and there’s nobody better who can give us the perfect encouragement in times like these than Nick Vujicic.

Nick who ? Who on earth is Nick Vujicic ?

You might not heard about Nick Vujicic but Nick Vujicic just might be the guy you  could turn to for inspiration when you are down, depressed, discourage or at the verge of  taking your own life. Nick Vujicic is just the right guy for times like these. Listening to Nick is better than receiving gourmet retirement gifts and treats.

Nick Vujicic graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning and Accounting.  He  runs a company called Attitude is Altitude and a non-profit organization. Nick Vujicic is  also a stock market and real estate investor.

Nick Vujicic is also a motiviational speaker and a philanthropist. He loves to play golf, go swimming and fishing. Nick Vujicic has a great sense of humour, fun to be with around and above all Nick Vujicic is one of the most happy people in this planet.

You might say to yourself, so what ? Nick Vujicic must be one of those guys who has everything. So what’s with this Nick Vujicic ? How will Nick Vujicic be a cure to my being depressed? Watch this youtube video and learn more about Nick Vujicic.


To visit the ministry website of Nick Vujicic, click here

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2 Responses to Depressed ? turn to Nick Vujicic for inspiration

  1. Anne Badell says:

    would you please send me the video that was on the u-tube around the 10th of November,2008. I thought it was the most inspiring talk I have ever heard.

  2. zigfred says:

    Anne: I am not sure what you are refferring to. However you could go to youtube and type in what you are looking for 🙂

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