Work and play at Barili, Cebu

Pastor Paul Langbid, a long time pioneering missionary in Barili Cebu went to my house one day and asked if I could handle a case for him. He said that a case for ejectment was filed against the Bible Baptist Church of Barili. I really do not want to accept out of town cases because I hate long drives. But nevertheless I reluctantly accepted the case for free because I felt that God wanted to use my being a lawyer by helping churches in need for free.

I studied the complaint for ejectment and told Pastor Paul not to worry about it. I immediately found the defect in the complaint which is a common mistake that some law practitioners commit. I then filed a motion to dismiss the complaint on the grounds of lack of Jurisdiction. I set the motion for hearing on Friday, April 25, 2008.

The day came, and I have to drive all the way to Barili to argue my motion to dismiss. I arrived on time only to find out that the judge was not there. (That’s why I hate practicing in this country so much!) The clerk of court of the municipal trial court of Barili told us that there will be no hearing on the motion anymore and that the plaintiffs have been sent a notice to comment on our motion. Since I am a new practitioner, I learned an important lesson that is, always get the telephone number of the clerk of court handling your case and call first before you drive 62 kilometers all the way to Barili, otherwise you will just be wasting time and gasoline.

Well I didn’t want my trip to Barili to go to a waste, so I decided to check out the local scenery of Barili. But before I did that I went to the Bible Baptist church of Barili. Pastor Paul and I together with his wife discussed the case a bit.

I told Pastor Paul I wanted to check out the local tourist’s attraction of Barili, so he agreed to take me. Our first stop was Tilipia Fishing. This is a famous picnic spot in Barili where you can fish for Tilapia and have your catch grilled. You can also opt to just buy Tilapia for a very cheap price. We talked with the owner a bit on how he came up with the idea. He is a retired military officer who spends his time nowadays taking care of his Tilapia ponds and this Tilipia fishing and picnic place.

From there we proceeded to the not so well known tourist attraction of Barili, the mighty and majestic Mantayupan Falls. Mantayupan falls is much higher in terms of height than the famous Kawasan falls of Badian. Mantayupan even looks more majestic than Kawasan. Unfortunately Mantayupan was not promoted so much by the local government of Barili because it was off limits to the public for a long period of time as it was being utilized by a local electric company. Now the local government of Barili is opening the falls to the public.


Unfortunately I did not bring swimming clothes with me so I just enjoyed the scenery. After several minutes we headed back to the church and had lunch.

After lunch, I drove back home to Talisay city. I stopped by the milk shop for some fresh milk and some horse meat. This is probably the only place I know where you can get horse meat.  I never imagined horses would be used for eating not just riding hehehehe. In this case I’ll be needing some napkins and not my equestrian apparel heeheheheh 🙂  This milk shop is located beside the national hi-way going in and out of Barili. The long drive home didn’t seem so unbearable because there were several members of Pastor Paul who rode with me.

I’ll probably go back to Barili someday with my family to take a dip at Mantayupan falls and to spend some time fishing. If you are thinking of a southern Cebu adventure, you might want to consider stopping by at Barili.

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6 Responses to Work and play at Barili, Cebu

  1. enji says:

    Hey Atty

    I’m from Barili. 😀
    Sa poblacion jud! Never heard of Pastor Paul though..
    sa Iloilo lng ko gaskul nuon
    Glad to have you around town. 🙂

    Just subscribed to your feeds..Am thinkin as well to start my own blog.. 🙂


  2. zigfred says:

    enji: That’s great ! Pastor Paul is somewhere just near Poblacion. He ran for councilor I thnk two elections ago. Yeah you should considering blogging, it’s great to have a blog.

  3. terence saavedra says:

    Bai, gud day, kmusta and barili ? Okay ra? taga-barili man sad ko, maybe next time nimo balik basin magkakuyog nata. Kmsta ang bag-o abogado? Kaila ko ana ni Pastor Paul taga-barili man gyud ko.

  4. zigfred says:

    Terencio: Mao ba bai taga Barili diay ka. Maayo noon. Maayo kaila ka Pastor Paul Ka-ila kaayo mi.

  5. Mary Ann says:

    Just drop by your site ‘coz I was searching for a nice view for my header background. I thought of viewing Mantayupan because I am a resident of the town till I’ve come across your site. Grant me the permission to copy your views for my post about Barili. Maybe your granting me the permit might be late ‘coz I feel like copying it now. Hehehe! Permit me attorney ha! Anyway the wife of Pastor Paul is my relative, a Zosa family. They know me and I know them. Thanks for the favor.

  6. zigfred says:

    Mary Ann: Sure, Just give me some link love hehehe no problem. 🙂

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