Why I love my Suzuki Alto

I bought my Suzuki Alto sometime this year and I love the little thing!

My wife tells me that the Suzuki Alto is so small that it will turn turtle when it reaches hi-speed and gets side sweeped when passed by a big truck. Her personal preference is a bigger car, more specifically a pick up such as the Mitsubishi Estrada.

God forbid that such unfortunate thing happens to me! Despite my wife’s criticism of the Suzuki Alto, I still love driving it around.

I’ve always loved small cars; in the auto industry they call such cars as “compact cars.” The reason why I love small cars is that they are easy to park, cheaper to maintain, cheaper to operate, cheap and affordable.

Not all compact cars possess all of this quality though. For example, the Suzuki Swift which belongs to the compact car category which happens to be my first car is quite expensive, although I love the Swift’s form factor which is much nicer than the Suzuki Alto.

If I were to have it my way, I would love to own a mini-cooper, the one used in the movie “The Italian Job.” (Not the one Mr. Bean drives around :-)) So far I have only seen one in Cebu City. However the Cooper is so expensive, so I have to go for the cheaper alternative.

Anyway, I bought my Suzuki Alto for P 420,000.00+. This is the Deluxe Edition. The standard Edition cost about P 380,000.00. The only difference between both editions is that, in the deluxe edition you get side moldings which make the car looks nicer. It also has power steering and power windows (Front doors only) Both the Suzuki Alto deluxe edition and standard edition has manual transmission.

Lately, I heard that there is a cheap sub-compact car from China which sells for only P 320,000.00. One with automatic transmission cost about the same price as the Suzuki Alto Deluxe Edition. Price wise, it may sound great but I guess I’m better of sticking with the Suzuki Alto, after all the Alto engine is made in Japan and I would bet my money any day over an engine with all its bearings made in Japan compared to one made in China.


The Suzuki Alto claims that its gasoline consumption is about 1 liter per 20 kilometers. I have not really tested if this is true. But so far I am very satisfied with its performance. I drive about 27 kilometers almost everyday back and forth from Cebu City to our house in Talisay City. Add to that several kilometers for city driving and sometimes extra kilometers for driving outside Metro Cebu from time to time. Yet on the average, I only consume less than P 3,000.00 per month in Gasoline! Talk about savings! Take note that the Suzuki Alto was awarded as the most full effecient car by the Philippine Department of energy. (Their test shows the Suzuki Alto consuming only 1 litter per 35 kilometers)

This is not a paid review, yet I am writing about this because I am truly satisfied with the Suzuki Alto’s performance. (However I am optimizing for the keyword Suzuki Alto here. If you are into guerilla blogging, you probably know what I mean 🙂

So far I have no complaints about my Suzuki Alto, except that it is really small and that people sitting at the back might get cramps if you take it out for long drives. Future designer of the Suzuki Alto might consider enlarging a little bit the space between seats.

Performance wise, the Suzuki Alto has almost all the luxuries of a standard vehicle such as really nice air-conditioning and a CD-Radio that may not sound like your home theater but does what its suppose to do.

So for those of you out there who want a nice compact car go for the Suzuki Alto!

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3 Responses to Why I love my Suzuki Alto

  1. red says:

    thanks for the review, you’ve helped me in making a decision with alto. yea i totally agree with your wife’s dilemma, that’s also my concern if i do get an alto and with the crazy bus drivers at EDSA!
    but i do hope that when i do get it, such thing will not happen!

  2. zigfred says:

    red: I’m sure you will be fine with the alto. Just stay way from crazy bus drivers in Edsa hehehehe 🙂

  3. NGS says:


    I bought my alto last May 2007. It’s a Deluxe(Blue), I already made some improvement so that my alto will become an ASTIG!Actually I replaced by had unit from JVC to Pioneer(USB/Ipod ready),front speaket from 2-way to 3-way pineer additional 6×9 spakers at the back, 1000W 10 inch sony subwoofer, front tweeter, aluminum mags(13inch), tire sets Yokohama A drive 165x65xR13, IPF fog lamp,
    Motolite MF battery.
    My average gas consumption from Las Pinas to Pasig VV is around 13-15KPL which is not bad considering the heavy traffic everyday back and forth.

    I would say that Alto is the best solution for the never ending oil price hike.

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