The Busby SEO Test challenge

I just read that Busby Web solution is holding its famous SEO challenge for the 2nd time around! They are calling it the Busby SEO World cup 2. I personally call it the Busby SEO Test challenge. (Because of the keyword)

I’ve decided to become a participant in this contest to further hone my skills in SEO. Not to mention the benefits that will redound to this blog such as more links, increase in P.R Ranking and a whole lot more!

The contest will run from October 1, 2008 up to January 31, 2009. Entrants will compete to get the highest position that can be achieved on a specific Google Data Center for the keyword.

For me, everybody who will be joining this contest is a winner already. ? However the cash price involved is limited so it will have to go to the first five contestants. First placer will win $5000. The second price winner win $2000 Third Prize gets $500 the Fourth Prize and Fifth prize winners get $250.00 and $100 respectively.

A special midway prize worth $ 1,000 awaits the entrant who has the highest Average ranking for the keyword on a specific Google data center.


The contest will also be giving out ipods to the Entrants who invites the most friends and to the one who has the most creative content.

So what will I do with the money if I win ? Well I will probably loose weight and shed off my fat by buying a lot of xenadrine rfa x.

To my loyal readers out there, don’t be surprised if you see the keyword all over my blog. The keyword will be here until the end of the contest. For those bloggers who would like to support me in my bid, you might want to link to my site using the keyword “Busby SEO Test.”

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  1. Good luck sa’tin bro. 🙂

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