Why I love Nuffnang

Notice the cute ad with the Philippine flag in my right side bar that looks like a digital signage ? Well, that is an ad space reserved for NuffNang. It is the latest craze to hit the Philippine Blogsphere just these past few weeks.

Dubbed as “Asia’s first blog advertising community”, Nuffnang was founded in February of 2007. This community driven blog advertising quickly attracted bloggers in Singapore and Malaysia. Currently there are more than 40,000 bloggers in its network.

There are probably hundreds of things that I love about Nuffnang. However the best thing I love about this ad network is its strong community. They have a way of reaching out to bloggers and making them feel special. It is not only an ad network, it is a cross between social networking and blog advertising. The Nuffnang community itself is a blog wherein you can post comments and be informed of the latest developments. For me, this strong tie to the blogging community is what really makes it really live up to its name and that is “Real Good/Cool!” (Translation of “Nuffnang” in Jafaikan)

Signing up is a breeze. Just click the Nuffnang ad unit in my side bar and it will take you straight to the site. Filling out the form takes less time than you think. Within 48 hours, your registration will be processed and you will become a “Nuffnanger” in less time than you thought.


So what are you waiting for ? ‘nuff of the talk, BE COOL, be a Nuffnanger today!

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5 Responses to Why I love Nuffnang

  1. iva says:

    lol @ filipinayzd..

    nuffnangers volt in. hehehe.

  2. LJDiaz says:

    Congrats sa my friend! We won!! the chosen 68!

  3. Joedel says:

    Congrats! 🙂

  4. ice says:

    Congrats din

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