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Thomas Friedman, author of the famous book “The world is flat” once said ““It (The internet) created a global platform that allowed more people to plug and play, collaborate and compete, share knowledge and share work, than anything we have ever seen in the history of the world.” He is right. The internet has created a global platform that somehow makes the playing field in terms of income opportunities between people living in rich countries and poor countries. The world is indeed flat and making cash online has never been easier.

While blogging may not be all about money, it cannot be denied that one could make a real living out of blogging. Almost all bloggers who are monetizing their sites have a list of “recommended money makers.” So I am writing here about my recommended money makers. Take note that this is not an experimental thing. I am making real cash online through these ad networks. Click on the links below to sign up for free.

But before you sign up, it is best that you have a Paypal. Paypal is the “defacto” payment processor for e-commerce transactions. Most ad networks give you the option to send money to your Paypal account. This makes transferring the money to you much faster. To sign up for Paypal click here.

To sign up for my recommended ad networks that will help you make cash online, click on the links below.

1.) Payu2blog – They pay you to include their keyword in any of your post. No need for a high conversion rate optimization ! What I love about them is that almost all assignments have a minimum of only 60 words and each post is about $5.00 each. You do not have to compete for assignments and you are given an average of 3 to 4 assignments a week.
2.) Google Adsense – Probably the most famous ad network among bloggers. Everytime people click the google ads in your site, you get paid. It’s that simple. You can see them all over my blog.
3.) Project Wonderful – A truly wonderful ad network where advertisers bid on an ad placement. You can see them in my right side bar. No clicks are necessary. You get paid every time an ad is displayed on your site.
4.) Kontera – If you see a double underline word in my blog that’s an ad from Kontera. They also operate on a pay per click basis.
5.) Chitika – This ad network is also based on pay-per-click. However unlike Google or Kontera, they focus more on products and usually have more colorful and fancy ads. In my blog you can see their ads right after every post.
6.) Asia Century – The new kid on the block. Their ad model is diverse ranging from pay per clicks, pay per lead among others. They have nice colorful ads that truly entice visitors on your blog to click on them. They are located in my right side bar.

There are three others that I am recommending although I have not made any income from them yet, but they look promising. Here they are:

1.) Performancing ads – A unique ad network that promises to make “everybody win” What attracted me to them was their “lifetime recurring income” from the income of your recruits. So far nobody has signed up under me; perhaps you will be the first one to do so. Click on the banner below:



2.) – This isn’t an ad network. They are a search engine. They claim to pay you $25.00 for every 6000 searches. So far I have 600 searches (including those from my friends) 5400 more to go to get my first $25.00 ?
3.) RevResponse – This is so cool! You get a totally free website that promotes their free products and they pay you when people subscribe to the free magazines and publications. The magazine and publications they gave away are not just your typical office furniture catalog. They are very useful informative. (Click here to view my free magazine site, click on the RevResponse link to sign up and become a “free magazine distributor”)

That’s it ! Happy Guerilla blogging !

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12 Responses to My recommended money makers

  1. This is a really great post! I created a blog back in June and I haven’t updated it. I guess I should update it regularly and see how I can earn money from it. Any other tips?

  2. zigfred says:

    Nica: Thanks ! Marghil Macuha and I will be launching an ebook entitled “Guerrilla tactics in making cash online” you might want to get hold of it. It’s free. It will probably be released next week. Just continue to drop by here if it is already available.

  3. pesiao says:

    hoi zegred this is pesiao. kumusta na? this is informative blog thanks. ive been wanting to do online blogging.. tried failed treid and failed hay cge lang.. it needs commitment. hehe anyway, ill try this again.

  4. zigfred says:

    pesiao: Hi cel ! Kumustamos ! Starting it is the hard part as it requires discipline and persistence. But once you start the ball rolling, you can’t stop it anymore hehehehe 🙂 Anyway if you want to expand your knowledge on how to earn money from blogging check out our Free Guerilla blogging ebook at

  5. Theresa says:

    Thanks, you gave a few more than Marghil had and now I understand why I didn’t hear from some of the previous ones I signed up for because Payu2blog explained it. I just wish the other places had the stated that in a noticeable way.

  6. zigfred says:

    Theresa: Thanks ! By the way we will be coming up with an updated Guerilla blogger’s ebook. I presume you ahve read it. If it has helped you a lot please give us your testimony and we will include it in the new edition. Please visit Marghil’s site for more details. 🙂

  7. marvin says:

    What are you using as of date, august 19, 2010. I guess you made some adjustments.

  8. aug.20,2010

    am I 1 year old delayed? Mr.Diaz, are you a friend of MArvin Vincido,a writer, a friend to me? he is also sharing his Facebook thoughts and this blog.Please also comment on blog The Working Mom Corner.

    you know, I have also some sites to share about making money online.One,are from my ads in blog.The other were on my other sites(still constructed).Please comment on my blog and refer others.In return, sign up with our blogging network(US,etc) at,you may enjoy fully your writing skills being paid to post per project of 200 words.Lot of opportunities.Then, give me an update!See yah.

  9. zigfred says:

    Leila: Marvin Vincido ? Don’t know him. What’s his blog url ? Thanks for sharing Socialspark. Didn’t know aobut that. Will try it out. Thanks !

  10. zigfred says:

    Marvin: Yes, that’s true, I made this post a long time ago. I will soon make a new one on recommended money makers.

  11. metalpig says:

    br0, can you update your recommended money makers list? sad to say I’ve downloaded your book(with Marhgil),the Guerilla Blogger’s Strategy and Tactics on How To Make Cash Online a year ago but read it just a few days. I know, shame on me.. 🙂

    salamat! =)

  12. zigfred says:

    metalpig: Sure we will come out with a new edition to our ebook soon 🙂

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