Go Macuha.com for blogger’s choice award !

Just a couple of days more to go for the “Oscars” of the Philippine blogsphere, the Philippine Blog Awards part 2 ! So bloggers prepare your Oscar de la Renta inspired gowns and suits and roll out the red carpet!

Just like the Oscars, there are several categories that a Philippine based blog may be given an award for. One of those is the “Blogger’s choice awards.”

Casting a vote for the blogger’s choice awards requires making a tough choice. Not only that, it requires a lot of commitment since in order to vote, you have to make a post about why you made such choice. (By the way whose idea is this? Congratulations to the P.B.S committee, this is such a great idea)There are so many good blogs to choose from. However there is no other blog that I visit more often than any of the blog that has been nominated and that is the blog of no other than the prince of Philippine S.E.O, Marghil Macuha.(www.macuha.com)

Next to John Chow, Marghil Macuha is one of the “pro-bloggers” whom I look up to. He has inspired me to challenge conventional blogging methods and think out of the box. His wit and creative approach in conquering the search engines has not only been a source of inspiration for me but for hundreds if not thousands of wanna be probloggers. Marghil Macuha is whom I refer to as one that is truly a “guerilla blogger “not only in technique but also in heart and in soul (You will know why later onJ)


If the Financial world has its Warren Buffet, the computer world has its Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the world of entertainment has its Steven Spielberg, the Philippine blogsphere has it’s Marghil Macuha whose ideas will certainly help shape the Philippine blogsphere in the years to come.    

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3 Responses to Go Macuha.com for blogger’s choice award !

  1. marhgil says:

    thanks atty! i’m so flattered naman with your description. marami pa akong hihijacking keywords to be like one of them. 😀 about the guerilla thing, expect an e-mail from me by friday. thanks!

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  3. zigfred says:

    Marghil: Wish ko talaga mananalo ka. Go go go !

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