Finally our very own Guerilla Blogging ebook !

I was introduced to blogging through an ebook by John Chow. Since that time on I had become one of blogging’s most active evangelists, spreading the good news about the income opportunity and how much fun it is to be a blogger. After more than 9 months of blogging I finally came up with our very own free e-book!

Marhgil Macuha and I have been working for 3 months on this unique ebook. It is entitled “Guerilla bloggers’ strategy and tactics on how to make cash online.

All these months, instead of watching t.v on television stands, we worked hard on this. However, we did not mention this in any of our posts. We wanted to promote it as soon as it is already complete. However I gave several hints in my blogpost regarding “Guerilla blogging.” In fact I changed my tag line and related it to “Guerilla blogging.”

This 30+ page ebook contains our own personal strategy on how to make cash online. What we did was to consolidate our making cash online post from our blogs and presented them in an organized manner. If you had been an avid follower of Marhgil’s blog you will be delighted to see how his blogging technique has been organized and compacted in this ebook.

Our unique approach to making money through blogging is what we fondly call as “Guerilla blogging.” You will be amazed how actual Guerilla tactics and strategies have been used as metaphors to help you understand what Guerilla blogging is all about.

For those of you who have blogs, we would appreciate it if you would give us some feed back or do a review of our work so that we can do some improvements on future editions. (Some love link would also be nice too heheehhe) 🙂

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64 Responses to Finally our very own Guerilla Blogging ebook !

  1. zigfred says:

    Asiong: Glad to be of help ! 🙂

  2. Very nice e-book. Will re-download it. Have lost the files on my HD before.Thanks for sharing this info. More power!

  3. zigfred says:

    Only in the Philippines: By the way we will be coming up with an updated Guerilla blogger’s ebook. I presume you have read it. If it has helped you a lot please give us your testimony and we will include it in the new edition. Please visit Marghil’s site for more details. 🙂

  4. rouwell says:

    galing namn, i read it to get a tip on you will make money on blogging.

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  6. Hi bossing Sigfred, just reading your post courtesy of Mr. Macuha’s website makes me feel alive. At last here’s a guy who will help us make money for our own use and so that we ,in turn, can help others. Tulong-tulongan lang naman, bi da? Who can better help the Filipinos than a fellow Filipino?
    Aside from doing jobs on the internet, I am a volunteer worker for an NGO- Tahanang Sta Luisa. Helping abused streetgirls cope with their crises, giving them free education, board and lodging and free computer studies. They have 9 laptops for their studies. Your knowledge might help them become productive citizens when they are released at age 18. Thanks and – Mabuhay ka!

  7. zigfred says:

    Ramosraymond54: Thanks for your support. Comments like these encourage us to do our best in what we do. Hopefully we will release an update of our ebook this year. Keep up the good work in NGO ! Hopefully the knowledge we have imparted will be a great help to your students.

  8. Bob says:

    Hello, I got your site from arkhilario who gave me the link about your book I am interested in to use to SEO ng site.

    I have been looking for such an informative SEO book and hopefully maging successful sana ako sa SEO ko. As of now I have 1000+ pageviews and still want to improve it more. I am also reading macuha’s blog and found out that you are co-authors in this SEO book.

    Thanks a lot.

  9. Bob says:

    Is Guerilla ebook or a site? I want to get a copy of an ebook. Thank you.

  10. zigfred says:

    Bob: Hello ! Thanks for your support I will email you the ebook soon.

  11. zigfred says:

    Bob: It’s both. I already emailed you the ebook. It needs updating though, but most of the principles can still be applied. The site though still needs to be worked on. Had been busy for the past few months.

  12. Bob says:

    Thanks sir. I got your email and has downloaded the ebook. I also printed it. I hope it will help my site.

    More power.

  13. Dan says:

    hi there… me and my wife are still learning about SEO and just starting to conceptualize on what to blog… we are thinking on having our own site where we can promote our couture shop at the same time blog things about wedding preparations and other bride to be’s ideas…we just finished reading seo made easy that we got from marhgil we are very mch eager to apply this ideas and with this ebook that we have downloaded… im sure it will be so much interesting going thru each page…I would also like to ask questions regarding building our own website, what can u suggest? is blogger already enough or its much better to pay for a host??? thank u very much and more power to u guys…

  14. zigfred says:

    Dan: Hi ! Welcome to the world of online marketing. Well blogger is all right, hosting and domain (subdomain) are free. There are lots of “pro-blogger” and even companies who use However it has its limitations. If you want no limitations and if you want your own domain, better get a paid domain and paid hosting. After all, it only cost less than P 5,000 a year. In less than a year of blogging, I recovered the cost of the domain and hosting already. I’ll be turning “4” this year in my blogging career and so far it has been great. Blogging is really good business in terms of rate of return. 🙂

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