How to come up with keywords that will get you high traffic

Different bloggers have different methods of coming up with their own keywords to optimize. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of ways on how to come up with the right keyword.

Personally, I believe that in order to find high traffic or high trend – low trend keywords (HITLOD) keywords, you do not have to search for them. They will just come to you just like how great artists and inventors suddenly come up with a brilliant idea. (For more information on HITLOD keywords check out my blogpost: “A step by step guide on how to optimize high traffic-low density keywords.”

Here are my suggestions on how to come up with a keyword:

1.) Discover great keywords as you go about your day to day experiences – For example, after I watched the movie 21 I began to search the internet for the real story behind the movie. I realized that people would start to emulate them by gooogling “black jack”, “counting cards in blackjack”, “counting cards”, “how to count cards” or other similar keywords. I tried several keyword combinations and the best one I could find was “counting cards” which is an excellent HITLOD keyword, so that because the title of my post “Increasing your online income through counting cards.” When doing some  paid postings, I also check the keywords that is being  targeted as they might be HITLOD keywords, for example  while doing a posting for the keyword  “mortgage quotes,”  I discovered that this is an excellent HITLOD keyword.

2.) Awaited events – Awaited events like Manny Pacquiao’s fights, disasters that are predicted to happen on a certain day, the Beijing Olympics, President Arroyo’s State of the nation address are examples of sources of great keywords. You just need to try several keyword combinations to come up with a great HITLOD keyword. (Some bloggers refer to this as “forecasting)

3.) Misspelled words – Misspelled words are often a great source of good keywords. (Note: Although I have not tried this extensively, Marhgil Macuha of has had several successes in exploiting misspelled HITLOD keywords to drive traffic to his site. Some example of misspelled keywords are “quotes,” (Often misspelled as quotes) “youtube” (Often misspelled as yotube, or yutobe) and even “Google” (Often misspelled as “Googel” or “Googol”) and Video (Often misspelled as “vedio”)


4.) People, place or thing – I remember when I was a kid, we use to play people, place or thing. Famous people, places or things could be good keywords. Just make sure it is a HITLOD keyword.

5.) Google trends – The Google trend website will show you “Today’s hottest trend.” You might get keywords ideas here.

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6 Responses to How to come up with keywords that will get you high traffic

  1. marites1034 says:

    hi there..i keep seeing the HITLOD in your post,what does it mean?

  2. zigfred says:

    Marites: Hi ! Thanks for visiting my blog. HITLOD means “High taffic low density keyword” If you want a more detailed explanation, you can download our free blogging ebook entitled “Guerilla bloggers’ strategy and tactics in making money online” at

  3. MAHAR SHOAIB says:

    hi there..

    Thanks for cool guidelines,

    Keep it up..

  4. zigfred says:

    Mahar: Thanks !

  5. Carlo C says:

    Hi, can i ask when the first time you earn from blogging. I Been blogging for 3 months now. I think i can try HITLOD or the Guirella blogging you co-authored.

  6. zigfred says:

    Carlo: It took me about 6 months before the money started coming in and mine it still was less than a dollar a day. On my 2nd year same thing. The third year, I was making serious money as it was higher than somebody earning the minimum wage monthly. The 4th year was really interesting 🙂 My advice is just be patient. It will come. Keep on blogging and keep on learning 🙂

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