Wordcamp Philippines 2008 – Are you one of us?

At last the online registration of Wordcamp Philippines 2008 is now online ! I’ve been waiting for this to be up because I wanted to make sure that I am already registered before I buy a ticket for Metro Manila. I want to purchase a ticket as early as today because by doing so I would be getting a bigger discount for early ticket purchases.

I am so excited to join WordCamp Philippines 2008 for several reasons. First of all WordCamp Philippines 2008 is the first big event that I have ever attended as a blogger. Secondly, WordCamp Philippines 2008 is the first WordCamp to be held in Southeast Asia. Thirdly, I will finally get to meet in person the big names in blogging. I’ve always have high regards for people who had been very successful in their blogging career whether as a problogger or a part time blogger. Fourthly, I know I will be learning a lot of things in WordCamp Philippines 2008. I am not really a power user and I hope to upgrade my wordpress skills. Lastly, attending WordCamp Philippines 2008 is a source of inspiration that fuels my passion for blogging since will be able to connect with bloggers from all over the Philippines. So WordCamp Philippines 2008 here I come!

I’ll be in Manila as early as Thursday because I have a lot of business to attend to. Going to WordCamp Philippines 2008 is just one of the many things that I plan to do in Manila. I always like to maximize every trip that I take. Among the other things I plan to do in Manila is to first of all go to the Philippine stock exchange in Makati to do some research in their library. This is in relation to my How to invest in the Philippine stock market post series. Secondly, I have to go to our publisher to sign another batch of Lex Pareto notes that is being printed. Saturday morning will be spent at the WordCamp Philippines 2008 site. On Saturday night I will be at the hotel where our bar examines are being housed. I will be there to encourage our students from Southwestern University who will be taking the bar exams the next day. Sunday morning will be the first day of the bar exams, so I will be in the bar exams site at De La Salle University. I will be standing by at either the Southwestern University bar operations tent or the Jurists Bar Review Center tent so that I can also cheer for those who are from Jurists Bar Review Center especially those coming from the Jurist Bar Review Center Cebu franchise.

WordCamp Philippines 2008 would not be possible without the efforts of hardworking individuals of the Mindanao Bloggers and the following sponsors:

Take time to visit their site and drop them a thank you note if you can. You can also help by registering for WordCamp Philippines 2008 and writing about WordCamp Philippines 2008 in your blog.


Take note WordCamp Philippines 2008 is free for everybody whether you are a blogger or you are only a blogger at heart (non-bloggers).

WordCamp Philippines 2008 will be held on September 6, 2008 at the College of St. Benild Taft Avenue, Manila. Register online now and hope to see you there!

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  1. MiGs says:

    Thank you for registering for WordCamp Philippines!

    You will be receiving your camper pass via email soon.

    For updates, please visit http://philippines.wordcamp.org
    and/or subscribe to its feeds: http://feeds.feedburner.com/wcphils

    See you in WordCamp!

    on behalf of WordCamp Philippines Organizers

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