The candidate that Obama and McCain should really be concerned about

After a bloody Democrat nomination, Obama is slugging it out with McCain to get to be the bigwig in the White House. Eager to win in this year’s U.S election, strategists from both sides are burning the midnight oil to unlock the key that could make their respective bets hold the nation’s top post.

Candidates has been resorting to all kinds of marketing efforts including giving freebies, marketing pens and other election related materials just to make sure that their name will be remembered when voters cast their vote this November 2008.

But all their election strategizing would be useless if they fail to consider how to topple this one lone candidate that could make or break their White house bid attempt.

Watch this video and find out who this candidate is.


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7 Responses to The candidate that Obama and McCain should really be concerned about

  1. iggy says:


  2. Iris says:

    Frankly, I don’t like either candidates. McCain wants to continue the war in Iraq (which have already costed Americans billions of dollars). On the other hand, Obama wants to eliminate world wide poverty on the expense of American tax payers for $845 billion. Anyone that has common sense knows that eradication of poverty especially in 3rd world countries are impossible due to political corruptions (the money to help the poor will only assist with government officials retirement funds). Obama also wants the government to handle health care. However, this would be a disastrous move because the U.S. government itself could not even properly handle the Social Security program.

    As far as oil and increasing the supplies; hence, decreasing the prices, McCain is pushing for alternative fuel whereas Obama is vague about this subject and has been accused of taking money from the major oil companies to support his campaign. In reality, U.S. has more than enough supply of oil, but thanks to extreme environmentalist who are against digging oil in the U.S. soil, the American people and the rest of the world will always be dependent on OPEC.

    Obama wants “CHANGE”; however, he is vague about this term and does not provide specifics of what change he wants to produce. I’m a registered democratic voter, but democrats are known to raise taxes during their term. With the high prices of oil and food, Americans cannot afford another tax hike.

  3. Iris says:

    I think you and I would be a better president than Bush, Obama or McCain. I will vote for you 🙂

  4. zigfred says:

    Iris: hehehehehehe I’ll never run for public office.

    So let me get this straight you are a democrat, but considering the position that the democrats are taking this election will you be voting for McCain ?

  5. Iris says:

    As previously stated, I don’t like either candidate, so I might be skipping the upcoming election year or if I do decide to participate, I will fill in a completely different name (not Obama or McCain).

    Currently, our current president’s approval rating based upon the latest poll (President Bush) stands at 28 percent and the U.S. Congress stands at only 9 percent. However, the Congress puts all the blame on Bush for our failing economy and other issues.

    I hate politics, but in reality, economics and politics are interrelated because politicians have the ability to pass bills/laws that can dramatically affect our economy and in turn affect the public’s purchasing power, our lives.

  6. zigfred says:

    Iris: What if Hillary won the democratic nomination ? Are you going to vote for her ?

  7. Iris says:

    Hillary was actually my choice. I admit that I’m biased towards her because we share the same gender; however, notwithstanding her sex, she is very qualified to be president. Even if she failed to capture the democratic nomination, she made history and hopefully, will open doors for other women candidates.

    Obama also made history and if he wins the upcoming election, this will also open doors for other minority candidates. People are voting for Obama because they believe he is not “corrupt”. They love his “change” campaign. In my opinion, he is “too clean”; therefore, evil must be lurking around the corner. He’s definitely hiding something because every politicians have a closet full of monsters.

    The trick is to vote for the lesser evil – Obama or McCain?

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