Miss Universe 2008 winner

Nope, I don’t have the result as to who the Miss Universe 2008 winner is.  I am not also a serious fan of Miss Universe. I am just optimizing this blog for the results of the Miss Universe 2008 pageant. Last year the keywords “Miss Universe 2007 winner” and “Miss universe 2008 youtube” experienced quite a spike for a very short while, so for all of you bloggers out there, you might want to exploit these two keywords. (This is what I call as a short-lit HITLOD keyword hehehehehe)

For those of you who are interested as to who will is the Miss Universe 2008 winner, you will have to wait until Monday. However, I will be posting an update here once I know who the winner is, perhaps I will also be posting a Miss Universe 2008 youtube video.

The pageant will be held live on July 14, 2008 Monday 8:30 AM EST at the Crown Convention Center (certified diamonds Bay Resort) in Nha Trang, Vietnam. NBC will be broadcasting the pageant live to its outlets in more than 180 countries.

You might be thinking that I have tricked you into visiting this blog. I do have the list of winners, but not the Miss Universe 2008 winner. I have the winners of the special awards. Here they are:

Best in Bikini – Queen of Vinpearl
Winner: Elisa Najera (Mexico)
Top 5 finalists: Taliana Vargas (Colombia), Simran Kaur (India), Claudia Moro (Spain), Crystle Stewart (USA).

Best in Áo dài (Vietnamese National Costume)
Winner: Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela)
Runner-ups: Simran Kaur (India), Nguy?n Thùy Lâm (Vietnam), Gavintra Photijak (Thailand), Alfina Nasyrova (Kazakhstan).

Best National Costume
Winner: Online voting will determine the winner.
Top 10 finalists: Matilda Mecini (Albania), Taliana Vargas (Colombia), Marianne Cruz (Dominican Republic), Simran Kaur (India), Zana Krasniqi (Kosovo), Elisa Najera (Mexico), Karol Castillo (Peru), Tansey Coetzee (South Africa), Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Nguy?n Thùy Lâm (Vietnam).


So who is your bet as to who will be the Miss Universe 2008 winner? I don’t know who I am going to bet for; I have not even seen the other candidates. But as always, I will be betting for our candidate. Ms. Philippines, Jennifer Barrientos. Drop me a comment on who your bet is. I will give 50 entrecredits to the first 3 persons who can guess who the winner will be.

Update: Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela has been crowned Miss Universe 2008.

The runners-up were:
1st runner-up: Taliana Vargas (Colombia)
2nd runner-up: Marianne Cruz (Dominican Republic)
3rd runner-up: Vera Krasova (Russia)
4th runner-up: Elisa Najera (Mexico)

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3 Responses to Miss Universe 2008 winner

  1. Marvin Castrillo says:

    I would like to vote for Ms. Philippines Jennifer Barrientos. She is extremely feminine and Very Charming beautiful and sexy.

  2. Giovanna says:


  3. zigfred says:

    Giovanna – Congratulations !!!

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