Experts confirm earthquake on July 18, 2008

I heard on the news last night that an alleged clairvoyant named Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose (real name Jucelino Nobrega da Luz) predicted that a string of disasters will rock the world not only in July 2008 but even in September, December and in the years to come.

According to the news report, it has been predicted that the Philippines and Japan will experience an 8 magnitude earthquake on July 18, 2008. Japan will also be devastated with a 20 meters plus tsunami.

In September 18, 2008 another earthquake with a 9.1 magnitude will hit China and will cause a tsunami resulting to the death of more than 1 million people.

America will suffer another terrorist attack on December 17, 2008.

This news is not so good for the naïve and even for older folks as this cause nervousness and stress. (I hope they have medicare insurance !)

Experts are confirming this. They are confirming that all of these are totally false. There is no technology that has been developed as of now that can predict when an earthquake will occur. Experts can only point out which areas will be devastated greatly if hit by an earthquake.

Experts are also confirming that Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose is indeed a fake. He gains popularity by sending emails to famous people after a disaster has happened. He tells them that he predicted that the disaster will happen even before it happened. He forges a postmark on the envelope to make it appear that he wrote the letter before the event took place. He has been exposed for his fraud in the past and many of his alleged “prophecies” did not become true.

The only thing that is sure to happen from now until July 18, 2008 is that you will get high traffic (and of course more income that comes with it) if you write about the keyword “earthquake on July 18, 2008 ,” “Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose,” “Jucelino “Nobrega da Luz”

Earthquake on July 18, 2008” is a very high trend-low density keyword (HITLOD) which is only referenced in 415,000 blogs and websites. The graph from google trends confirms this. The advantage of this keyword is that it is permeated geographically and has been searched since 2004.


Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose” is very low dense with only 1,980 referencing it. However unlike the “Earthquake on July 18, 2008” keyword its being high trend is relatively new.

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz” is referenced in 182,000 blogs and websites and is considered a high trend keyword that has been searched since late 2005. Although not very popular in terms of its being high trend, the keyword experienced some spikes during certain dates. This is probably the dates wherein he says an event will happen. Search for the keyword is limited to his native Brazil, Indonesia and Hongkong with other countries posting minute searches.

So what are you waiting for ? Beat Jucelino Nobrega da Luz in his own game. Make money out of him.

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27 Responses to Experts confirm earthquake on July 18, 2008

  1. marhgil says:

    ayos! my blog’s traffic is high now because of this. parang araw-araw, may laban si Pacquiao. and I still have 9 days to enjoy that traffic. 🙂

  2. Iris says:

    Even the scientist (experts) are unable to predict earthquakes ahead of time. We haven’t developed the technology to make such predictions. It goes to show you that the internet is not a very reliable source of information.

  3. zigfred says:

    Marghil: O nga eh. Sana maka catch up rin ako. Hopefully it will bring traffic to my site. I’m on the 20th spot as of now for the “earthquake on July 18, 2008” keyword. For “Jucelino Nobrega Deroose” I rank 29th. While I got 87th for “Jucelino Nobrega da Luz.”

  4. zigfred says:

    Iris: I agree. That’s why I check out every email I get on some news or story that is purported to be true. My favaroite site for checking is

  5. hehehehe, I agree w/ the last part of your post pal, we can beat Jucelino on his own game with making money from him. hehehehe, akala niya cia lang ang nkalamang. mkakalamang dn tau xa kanya. heheheehe. 😉

  6. kor_tek says:

    Iris: basically i also don’t believe Jucelino’s predictions, i don’t find credibility on him.

    but we have to be aware that science and religion don’t mix. as this is considered to be a prophecy, then this doesn’t need a technology/etc to back this up. prophecy is not made by factual basis, it is purely by faith.

    ang tanong lang naman is if you believe on his prophecy or not.. coz me, i don’t..

  7. manilacis says:

    Americans dont know that Pinatubo will erupt. Eto lang nagpaalis sa kanila sa SUBIC and CLARK. Kahit anong high tech.. None still wotk on earthquakes and even volcano eruptions.

  8. iloki says:

    nrmdmn n nmin knina un lindol pray nlng tau lht po…

  9. gLENN says:

    LOLS, akala ko totoo na.. yup ako din may traffic mula sa keyword na to.. –> Experts are confirming this. They are confirming that all of these are totally false.

  10. marhgil says:

    ayos! lumilindol na rin dahil sa traffic dito. 🙂

  11. janz says:

    Isa lang po sya sa mga bulaang propeta dito… It is possible na magkaroon ng ganung earthquake pero mas mabisa parin ang panalangin sa Diyos at ang pagtitiwala sa Kanya. Pray na lang po tayo but the best thing we can do now ay magsimula na tayong magbagong buhay!

  12. Actually, there’s nothing to worry about it!! It’s up to you kung maniniwala ka or hindi…. Ang sa akin lang, Wala namang mawawala kung maghahanda at mag-iingat tayo noh…. Ang stand ko- 0.00001%….
    ABANGAN na lang natin ang totooong mangyayari… Syempre…Dont forget to PRAY…I know GOD will answer our prayers…

  13. secret says:

    RAPTURE will take place anytime….any moment…. So, expect the unexpected… It’s true that Only God knows what willtrully happen.. But we must prepared ourselves…. For those Christians…Continue serving the lord, Praise Him at all times

  14. mlapit n ung earthquake on july 18, 2008, mlapit n ring lumaki ung adsense ng karamihan, hahahaah

  15. zigfred says:

    Blogger Gusher: I totally agree hehehehe

  16. parang ang hirap nman paniwalaan nyan, nabasa q ung predictions nya for July 2008 pero hnd nkalagay ung mangyayaring earthquake, 😀

  17. q says:

    It’s not true.

  18. halos 70 percent ata ng traffic ko galing sa july 18 earthquake na yan..hehhehe. which is very good..sana mgdouble pa yung traffic..

  19. zigfred says:

    Pinoy Dollar Quest: o nga eh. Ang galing, parang araw araw may laban si Pacquiao hehehehehe

  20. i dont want to leave a comment about that prphecy…..

    just pray……………………..

    i dont want to prove anything without any basis,…,.,.

    better not to panic………..

  21. Lovemuch says:

    nakakatuwa as i read mga messages marami pa ring naniniwala sa kapangyarihan ng Diyos, patunay lang na marami pa ring mas naniniwala sa Diyos kesa sa mga likhang isip ng tao.

  22. xtremegc says:

    wala namang earthquake..mga tae!

  23. darkcry says:

    it’s today
    Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose is a big looooooser!
    he’s wrong
    i hope this will not happen!!!
    for me it’s a only a hoax!
    but just be prepared in all times and don’t forget to PRAY to GOD!

    teka nga! bakit puro masasama na lang ang nahuhulaan nya, please explain, boy!?

  24. zigfred says:

    Darkcry: Masama lahat hula niya dahil masama siguro siyang tao bwahhaahahah

  25. Philip says:

    wala po talagang nakakaalam kung kailan lilindol. Sana maging handa na lang tayo sa mga susunod na kabanata ng ating buhay. ihanda natin ang ating sarili pagharap natin sa Panginoon. Huwag sana tayong maniwala sa sinasabi ng mga taong nanloloko lang.

  26. zigfred says:

    Philip: Correct ka diyan.

  27. yeah, better not panic might be a good solution… however, after the earthquakes recently this is very frightful 😀

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