Yet another Paypal Phishing scam

I received another Paypal Phishing email. This time, I have been informed that I need to update my records.

I’ve received this kind of email from scammers before and I have blogged about it in the post entitled “Online fraud.” Click on the link if you want to more about what Phishing is.

For those of you who have not seen what this Paypal Phishing email looks like, I am posting it here hoping that you might not be stupid enough to fall for this scam.

Take note that Paypal, ebay and online banks never ask for personal information such as
Credit and debit card numbers, Bank account numbers, Driver’s License numbers, Email addresses, Passwords or Your full name. So never send any of that personal information to anybody online.


With this information in hand, I hope you never fall for a Paypal Phishing email scam or an phishing scam. If you do fall for this scam get a Mechanix gloves and box the scammer in the face ! hehehehee

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