Pacman vs. Dangerous – The Manny Pacquiao and David Diaz – Lethal combination youtube video

No, this is not yet the youtube video of the actual fight between our very own Pacquiao and Diaz. The fight dubbed as “Lethal combination” will still be on June 28. I am just helping promote the fight. (At the same time trying to optimize this blog for the fight searches hehehehehe)

My friends keep on asking me if I will bet for Pacquiao which is a source of our national pride or for Diaz, which is my “distant” relative. (Not really, we just have the same family name hehehehehe)

My answer is that I am betting for no one, because I don’t bet. But if ever I will, my money will be on Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao for two reasons: First of all because he is Filipino and Secondly, because I believe he hits harder than David “Dangerous” Diaz. David may look bigger in size than Manny Pacquiao, but Pacquiao looks more solid to me. (I wonder if boxers use diet pills to drastically reduce weight, just a thought)

Pacquiao will certainly have a hard time beating Diaz . He isn’t called “dangerous” for nothing. One Boxing analyst rightly describes David Diaz as one who “performs best and is at his most dangerous when the odds are stacked against him.”

They say that Diaz is very much like Pacquiao in terms of style, stamina and strength. I certainly agree with style and stamina but not in strength. When two fighters are almost equal in every aspect, it is how hard the fighter hits that will determine who the winner will be. In this case since Pacquiao is the hardest hitter therefore my money goes to him.

Considering the equality in style and stamina of both fighters, calling the fight “Lethal Combination” certainly justifies it.


If you would like to know more about the fight and the fighters, watch this “documentary” on the upcoming fight by one of our local news channels. (I apologize for non-Filipino speaking visitors to this blog, the language used in the documentary is Filipino)

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