Why I don’t play golf

I’ve played “mini-golf” with my relatives in my grandfather’s house. (He has a “mini-golf” course in his front yard)

I’ve only played golf in a full course once and that was years ago. I never had the chance to play it again although I could if I wanted to, but I never did for a lot of reasons. First, I don’t have a set of clubs and if I got one it would be too expensive for me. Secondly, I do not know anybody personally who is my age who enjoys the game and who takes efforts to really go out and play it consistently. Thirdly, the game is somewhat expensive for us here in the Philippines. Fourthly, I don’t really enjoy playing in golf in a full course, I enjoy playing mini-golf more. Lastly, I am not really good in the game and I don’t see any point of being good at it considering the above mentioned reasons.

I’ve never understood why a golfer needs so many clubs when he can do what he is suppose to do with 2 or 3 clubs. I even heard that there are clubs right now that does multiple functions. Personally I’ve only used 2 clubs, one for “The swing” and the other for “putting.”

Understanding what the functions for each club is may not be rocket science for some you but it is for me. But if you do enjoy the game of golf and you understand what the functions of the golf clubs are, you might want to check out theworldofgolf.com. The world of Golf is a New York based company that has existed since 1968. According to their website they offer “an unsurpassed selection of golf equipment, value pricing, and most importantly, the most expert sales staff in golf.” Check them out today.


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