Watch a movie at the bridge of the Enterprise

Now I’m sure Star Trek buffs like me will enjoy this. How would you like your home theater to look like this?

Now that’s what some people call “Where no home theater has ever gone before !”

Gary Reighn started working on this Enterprise bridge inspired home theater in 2002. The entire set up cost $15,000.00 (U.S) and consist of a Sony 720p LCD projector, a 7.1 audio set up by Polk, a Yamaha receiver, and a Philips Pronto remote to control the whole set up. Gary and his son calls it “The Bridge home theater.”

I’ve always dreamed of having my own home theater someday. Perhaps I will use the bridge of the U.S.S Voyager as the motif for my home theater. Who knows I might make so much money in blogging that I can afford to have a U.S.S Voyager inspired home theater.


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