How to make the best out of your vacation

Its summer right now in the Philippines and people are traveling a lot. In the next few months it will be summer in the United States. Summer spells vacation time for a lot of people since classes are out and the weather is perfect. The following are my tips in order that you might make the best out of your vacation:

1.) Make travel plans – The best way to make the most out of your travel is to iron out your travel plans. In today’s information technology age it is impossible for you not to get information on any destination you are planning to go to. Aside from helping you map out where you are going or what side trips you will be taking, planning also helps you save on travel expenses since unnecessary trips and unnecessary expenses will be minimized if not eliminated. Making travel plans also involves a lot of budgeting. Make sure that your destination has an ATM or a bank nearby. Otherwise you might not be able to enjoy your trip because you lack the cash to pay your local tour guide. (I had this unfortunate experience once)

2.) Travel light – Most women are guilty of not following this rule. But before I am accused of chauvinism, let me state further that I do not blame them for it. What can I say; men and women are created differently. We men have our set of annoying habits and so do the women, and I believe bringing several pairs of shoes, a whole set of cosmetic collection and an entire wardrobe while traveling are some women’s annoying habit.

In order to truly enjoy your vacation, I believe that you must learn how to travel light. Traveling light will take the stress out of your vacation. Take only what is necessary. Learn to choose the proper clothes for the occasion and do not worry that you might ran out of clothing, anyway you can always buy something to wear or perhaps wash your clothes if you run out of something to wear. (The exception to this is if you are planning to stay for a month at the Sahara Dessert)

3.) Enjoy – When you are on vacation think of nothing else but your vacation. If you can afford it, do not bring your mobile phone along or your laptop. (Except of course if you are blogging on your adventures) Bring your camera to capture a picture perfect moment. Don’t bring out the accountant in you and stop whining about how expensive your vacation is. If you properly planned your vacation, everything is already taken into consideration and you are working within a budget so you do not have to worry. Relax and enjoy your break. You deserve it. Besides your office will still be there when you get back.


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