Can your cat bring you good fortune?

When I was a little boy I had a cat named “Mouser.” Mouser was named after the cat in the story “Dick Whittington’s Cat” In the story the cat’s name was “Puss” but the name “Mouser” was taken from the line in the story where the little girl that sold him the cat told him that the cat is an “excellent mouser.”

The story is quite interesting and is a must read for all cat lovers. It is a story about how a boy found fortune through his cat.

The story is loosely based on the life of the famous Sir Richard Whittington (1354–1423), a medieval merchant, Lord Mayor of London and a Member of Parliament. Most of the details of the story are fictional except for the part that the character’s family name is Whittington and the name of the character’s wife is the same as that of Sir Richard Whittington’s wife (Alice Whittington) and that Dick Whittington was elected as mayor thrice. (Sir Richard Whittington was elected Lord Mayor of Lond for four times) The story is actually a Persian folk tale that came to be associated with Sir Richard Whittington. History does not tell us why such story was associated with Sir Richard perhaps the only explanation for this is because there was an early engraving of the Lord mayor in which his hand rested on a cat.

Mouser died in her good old age. After her, I never had another cat. I had raised several dogs, but I never had another cat and I cannot offer an explanation why. Perhaps I was only compelled to raise Mouser because I was inspired by the story that my mother told me. At that time perhaps I thought the moral of the story was to raise cats in order to have a good fortune. Now I realize that the moral of the story was that in order to have a good fortune you must work hard and make the best out of everything that God has given you.


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2 Responses to Can your cat bring you good fortune?

  1. iris says:

    I have a cat, but the extent of his abilities is simply to be adorable, eat, drink water from the faucet, poop and sleep 20 hours a day. He truly has it made unlike the many starving street cats in the Philippines.

  2. zigfred says:

    Iris: Your cat is very lucky indeed !

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