Jurists Bar Review Center – Cebu, Season 1 begins !

It was a good thing that the holiday for April 9 was moved to Monday as part of the “economics holiday” program of the president. I just stayed and slept in our house for the whole day. I just such an exhausting weekend.

The reason for such is because Jurists Bar review Center – Cebu has officialy begun last Saturday, April 5, 2008. It was such an exciting time. I have not worked on the pictures and the videos yet, but I will describe the opening in detail in a future post with pictures and possibly videos of the event.

So far we have 81 enrollees. Jurists Bar review Center – Manila had 82 when they first started. We are hoping to beat this record.

If you have not enrolled yet this review season, why not come and join us. It’s not too late to enroll and we are still accepting enrollments. We promise you we will make your time with us worthwhile. Jurists bar review center is not just any other review center, it’s the most unique bar review experience that you could ever experience.


For more information about Jurists Bar review center, check out this post.

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4 Responses to Jurists Bar Review Center – Cebu, Season 1 begins !

  1. bro jun says:

    Atty. Diaz, we read that you are highly recommending jurists bar review center. will you please enlighten me further why should i choose said review center? also, for God’s greater glory! thanks.

  2. bro jun says:

    can I enroll online?

  3. zigfred says:

    bro: Jun, You cannot enroll online but to know the difference between Jurists and Traditional bar review centers check out http://jurists-bar-review-cebu.blogspot.com/ and http://www.juristsbar.com.ph

  4. marshian_421 says:

    what is the exact location of jurist manila? thank u!!!

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