A step by step guide on how to optimize high traffic-low density keywords

I’ve always believed that there are only two things that you need to do to become a successful blogger. I call them having good “Fundamentals” and good “technicals” (Just like investing in the stock market hehehehe…) What I refer to as good Fundamentals is the writing of good content, having a good and search engine friendly blog template and having a good layout of your blog. Having good “technicals” means doing stuff that will drive traffic to your blog. One of the ways that will drive traffic your blog is to increase your ranking in google for HITLOD keywords (High traffic or high trend – low density keywords)

In order to achieve this, follow these steps:

1.) Check if the keyword is a high traffic or high trend keyword– Go to Google trends and type a keyword. If it shows up in the graph then it is a high traffic keyword. Make sure that the graph trend is consistent and that the trend is not going down. There are different types of high trend keywords and I will discuss them in future posts. But for now just make sure the graph shows that the keyword search is either consistent or going up.

2.) Check if the keyword is a low density keyword – A low density keyword means that there are only a few sites competing for such keyword. This makes getting to the top much more easier for you. You can easily do this by typing the keyword in Google. On the right side of the search page you can see how many websites refers to the keyword. The rule of the thumb is, the lower the number the better it will be for you. My personal rule is that I never go for keywords wherein I have to compete with 5 million sites. Most of my keywords are those wherein the competition is only less than 500,000. I have written extensively about some specific High trend, low density keywords.

3.) Write a good article on the keyword – Most SEO experts agree that a good article on a keyword is one which contains the following:

  • Keyword must be in made “Bold” at least once or twice in the article body
  • The keyword is mentioned a reasonable number of times in the article. By “reasonable” a good rule of the thumb to follow is that the keyword on the post itself amounts to about 3 % of the total number of words in the article.(You still have to consider tags and keywords on pictures if you have some) Most experts agree that total keyword density for an article must be from 3 to 5 %. To check the keyword density of your post go to http://www.keyworddensity.com/

Again, do not forget that fundamentals go hand in hand with the technical. So the primordial consideration is always to write a good article. Remember always the principle by the great John Chow “People first, before Google.” So write for people first, after this try to make sure you get 2 to 3 % of your keywords into the article. But again do not force it if it will make the article look like crap. A good example of this is the article I wrote for the keyword “Money saving tips.”

4.) Build back links – There are several factors why your page gets pushed up to the front page in Google. But the strongest factor is always back links for your certain keyword. There are several ways to build back links. You can resort to paid links. However most of us would want to have it for free. The following are ways to do this for free


  • One way to do this is to build back links internally within your blog. When you write an article about the same topic, you refer to the previous article containing the keyword, just like what I did with the links above.
  • Another is that you ask other bloggers to link to your blog with a certain keyword. Make sure that they use the keyword as the anchor text. However this will only give you reciprocal links. These are good links but not as good as one way back links.
  • A third way and still what I consider as the best way is to submit your article to hundreds of directories. The “About the author” box should have a link back to your blog with your keyword as the anchor text. (For an example of this go to Google type “Why content is still king” The first article in Google with that title is written by me. Scroll down and you will see the author’s resource book with the anchor text “Charlie bit me” linking to my blog. The HITLOD keyword “Charlie bit me” is what I am trying to optimize here.)

When you submit to article directories, make sure you do not submit the same article because you would penalized for article duplication. Hence you will have to rewrite the articles that you will be submitting. Write several articles on your keyword and repeat step no. 4. A single article may not be enough to get you to the top of google for a certain keyword. So try to write again on the same subject until you get into the top 10 of Google. Some keywords are so competitive that you have to write several articles and submit them to several directories before you will be able to land in page number 1 in any search engine.

5.) Be patient – Search engines have to do their thing and it may take them a while to crawl and compute the algorithm that they have programmed to compute in order to place sites in their proper places. So it may take a while before your blog will be placed in its rightful place, so cross your finger, and hope for the best. Happy blogging on your laptop or desktop and race you to the top !

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28 Responses to A step by step guide on how to optimize high traffic-low density keywords

  1. Edwin says:

    nice blog you got here… I agree with most things mentioned in the post. What I don’t necessarily agree with is being patient. After you write you post or articles, what you should do is create backlinks. Get as many backlinks and keep getting as many backlinks as you can. If it is a keyword with alot of competition, in order to get on the first page you will need 3,000 to 5,000 links!

    If you are not willing to kill yourself getting links focus on long tail keywords. Less competition, less searches but more possibilities to rank better.

  2. zigfred says:

    Edwin: Thanks !

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  4. I think I still lack all of those that you’ve enumerated. It will take time for me to build backlinks and have hundreds of posts but I hope I can eventually get there.

    Thank you for the tips!

  5. zigfred says:

    Jared: Thanks ! In time, I’m sure you will get there. Do you want to engage in a “three way” link exchange ? This will help build back links. Contact me for details.

  6. great explanation of how to properly optimize a high trend low dense keyword 😀 I have a similar post, but yours is better 😀

  7. zigfred says:

    Jehzeel: Thanks ! More power to your blog as well. Sana ma abot ko rin ang na-abotan na nang blog mo 🙂

  8. @zigfred – o? ano bang naabot ng blog ko? nyok.. ok ka nga may ebook na kayo ni marhgil eh.. hehehe.. 😀 wooooooooT! more power! may the force be with you always 😀 yay!

  9. @Jehzeel Laurente
    Pa humble effect ka pa huh? he he 🙂

    Thanks sa tips mo. It’s really nice to be reminded of all these things. Kaya lang kahit alam ko na to noon pa mahirap talagang gawin religiously. Kailangan talaga ng determination.

  10. zigfred says:

    Lito: O nga eh. In theory guerilla blogging really spells wonders for a blog but it will take some time. One major ingredient of success there is commitment, that was the final conclusion we gave in our guerilla blogging ebook. (I’m sure macuha and Jehzeel being veteran guerilla bloggers can relate to this hehehehe)

  11. Gracie says:

    thanks for the tips, sir! sana magets ko rin ang SEO someday..=)

  12. zigfred says:

    Gracie: You will surely get it someday especially if you download our free Guerilla Blogger’s strategy and tactics in making cash online ebook. Click on the link to download it. 🙂

  13. Nice tips! I’ve been learning a lot from you and other SEO bloggers like Macuha and Jehz. I hope I can also earn as much as these bloggers do.

  14. zigfred says:

    Millionaire Acts: Thanks ! In due time we will finally reach our dreams . . . Keep on Guerilla blogging ! 🙂

  15. ice_hot says:

    speechless… you guys have really turned this thing into a science… and a million thanks for sharing your knowledge to us! see yah around…. oh, i will download the e-book din… hehehe… thanks again! weeeeeeeee!!!!

    ~the earning student

  16. zigfred says:

    ice_hot: You’re welcome ! Welcome to Guerilla Blogging ! 🙂

  17. Big Tourist says:


    Thanks for all the replies! All your advice re SEO and HITLOD are are a big help for newcomers like me. I’ve bookmarked your other site as well. Again thanks!

  18. zigfred says:

    Big Tourist: You are most welcome. Glad to be able to help !

  19. ice_hot says:

    haaaaaaay…. this SEO thing is hard. but im slowly catching up. anyway, i have questions about backlinking. is it a good idea to open blogs just to provide back links to your keywords youre optimizing? if yes, saan pinakamaganda ilagay ang links? sa blog roll? sa header? footer? or sa loob ng post mismo? hehehe… dami ko tanong… anyway, salamat daan sa reply…

  20. zigfred says:

    ice_hot: Providing backlink for the keywords you are optimizing is the most ideal especially for keywords that has lots of competition. However in order not to be burdened on getting back links for a lot of keywords, I suggest you take care first of getting back links for your blog as a whole. (Just get back links for your first) as you climb up in page rank, google will take care of putting you on the top of the SERPS for the keywords you are optimizing. (Provided of course that you have the proper keyword density) Take note that in order to properly optimize your post, you have to get the proper keyword density. Anyway, after several trial and errors I know you will finally understand it.

    SEO is like studying a very confusing subject. But once you read about the subject again and again you will finally understand it. 🙂

  21. ice_hot says:

    zigfred, thanks! i’ll try to focus on building backlinks to my homepage muna. that’s what the other probloggers are saying also… thanks again…

  22. zigfred says:

    ice_hot: Yep, that’s the first step that you should do. Try getting as much back links to your main page, everything else will follow 🙂

  23. James M. says:

    This is kinda old but the principles still apply even now. I think good SEO hasn’t changed at all. The search engines still love those who practice good seo techniques while tightening the hoop on those who do black hat tactics.

  24. zigfred says:

    James: Haven’t got a time to update this but will be updating it soon in my new how to make cash online blog at http://www.guerillablogger.com

  25. Excellent articles Zigfred! I hope that in time, by fledgling blog will soar (and be as profitable) like yours, lol! Keep it up buddy! 😉

  26. zigfred says:

    Paul: Thanks !

  27. Carlo Coronacion says:

    hi zdiaz i learn about from macuha dot com. I currently reading your book. It seems there is really easy way make money online. OR accidentally maswerte ka! I think so… you got top one in google search engine for “principle of HITLOD” I gonna follow the principle.

  28. zigfred says:

    Carlo: hehehe thanks hindi ma swerti iyon kailangan lang talaga hard work, persistence and most especially patience. Most bloggers wanna be drop out even before the first year. MAg tiyaga ka lang ang blog for passion the money will come 🙂 THanks ha more power to your blogging !

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