1st quarter 2008 – Blog performance review

Happy 4th month anniversary to this blog ! It has been my tradition to point out to you the top ten posts of my blog for the month. However since this month is the end of the first quarter of 2008, I will be giving you the top 10 posts that has been the favorite of the visitors of this blog:

1.) PS – The title itself seems quite controversial. No wonder this is the most read post. I am also constantly optimizing this high trend, low density keyword as part of honing my SEO skills and experimenting with SEO strategies and techniques. From placing nowhere in google since the entry of my first post in January 19, 2008, I have ranked no. 55 on March 26, 2008. As of today I am ranked no. 16. This keyword has given me the most traffic from the search engines.

2.) How to add a “home” button that redirects to your post page in Word Press – No doubt that this theme (bloggerpro) is loved by many WordPress users. Unfortunately the author seemed to forget to place a “home” button. This posts addresses this issue with some help from the theme’s author. Check out the updates on this posts.

3.) 10 Reasons why I love Jurists bar review – One week to go before Jurists Bar review center – Cebu starts it’s 1st review season. If you are thinking of taking the bar this 2008, you might want to read this posts first before you consider enrolling in well known traditional review centers.

4.) The frustrated interior designer – Pictures of my house and the story on how I came up with a unique color combination for my interior.

5.) Charlie bit me – The title itself might make you wonder what it is. It is probably the cutest video I have ever seen. I am also optimizing this keyword. This keyword placed second in giving me the most traffic from the search engines. I am currently ranked no. 17 in google for this keyword.

6.) Buy term invest the difference? – One of the best personal finance articles I have written. This talks about being wise in choosing the type of insurance to buy.

7.) How to be a millionaire even if you are a minimum wage earner – Is this really possible? Check it out.

8.) Recommended books for the Philippine bar – My own personal recommendation of books to study in preparation for the Philippine bar exams.

9.) Why you should use the Opera browser – Beats the crap out of internet explorer and gives you an “alternative” to Firefox.

10.) A stronger Philippine Peso . . . Fearless Forecast – Is a stronger Philippine Peso a boon or a bane ? Where is the peso headed? Almost all Filipinos are asking this terribly important question. Find out more.


This blog has maintained its P.R 2 ranking. My goal was 12,000 views by the end of March 2008 (See my post “Top ten post and blog performance for February 2008“), unfortunately I was short by almost 1,500. Total views by the end of March 2008 is 10,523. Even if I did not reach my goal, I am still happy that the number of viewers has increased by 4000.

I missed writing several posts during the month of March because my blog was suspended and it took some time for it to be restored. I then considered it as a blessing in disguise because I was so busy during that time. Check out my post “Word press plugin caused the suspension of my blog ?” for more details on this. I also did a “blog overhauling.” (Check out my post “My Blog is being overhauled !!!!“)

Goal for the month of April will be 16,000 views. I am changing my blogging schedule again. This time I will be blogging every other day for three reasons. First, I want to enhance the quality of my posts. I want to write quality posts and I need time to polish it. Secondly, I want to give maximum exposure to my posts. I believe this can be achieved if it is upfront in the blog within the next 48 hours, Plus I do not want to “drown” my audience with information. Lastly I want to spend more time promoting this blog. In order to this I have to read more about search engine optimization and other topics. I have to network with other bloggers and come up with other ways and means to promote this blog. In short I am balancing “Good quality (which is content) with “intensive marketing.” This is how to do it if you want to succeed in business. As usual I will not be blogging on weekends to give myself a break.

The following is my new schedule:

Monday – Technology / Internet marketing / Word press tips / blogging / SEO

Wednesday – Law, Law Practice, law students / Financial Management, investments / Leadership, entrepreneurship, business

Friday – Life and Living / Politics, Social issues & Current events / Theology,
Apologetics, Faith (Or any Monday or Wednesday topics)

There will be times that I will insert some posts on Tuesday and Thursdays if my schedule will allow. See you around !

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  1. Iris says:

    You had a great 1st Quarter. Keep it up. I’m sure you’ll acquire more traffic. It’s just a matter of time.

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