Have a good laugh with this Volare yotube video

Volare is Italian for the infinitive form of the verb “to fly.” It is also part of the refrain from the song entitled “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (literally “In the blue painted blue”) by Domenico Modugno and Franco Migliacci. The refrain became so popular that from that time on the song was known as “Volare.”

Well “Volare” does not have anything to do with money saving tips, financial management or any of the major topics in this blog. I just want to give you guys a good laugh.

Check out this “Volare” adaptation by two Filipino self styled youtube comedians who call themselves “moymoy palaboy” and laugh yourself out. You can also check out some of their popular yotube videos.

P.S: The end of the yotube video simply says: “And since that time the mustache was never found”

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