Top ten post and blog performance for February 2008

This blog is officially 3 months and a week old now ! Before we begin the month of March, I wanted to inform you all of this blog’s performance for February. I am nearing my 10,000 visitors a month goal by God’s grace. Here are my “most read post” for February 2008 (Posts before February excluded):

1.) Charlie bit me – This funny short utube video has now more than 7 million views ! Read the post. Find out the reason why it has become so popular. (Bloggers get ready to optimize this keyword this is a high trend low density keyword)

2.) Want to get wealthy? Think like the bank – Be inspired to save and become wealthy be thinking like the bank. This post breaks the current pervasive traditional mentality when it comes to savings. Instead of asking you to save in your piggy bank, it suggest that you break your piggy bank!

3.) Abalos burjer – Former commissioner of the Commission on elections (Philippines) Chairman Benjamin Abalos commits a grave faux pas that created quite a controversy in this “english grammar and pronounciation sensitive” country (The Philippines) when pronounces “burger” as burjer. This t.v interview was recorded and uploaded on utube.

4.) OBSERVATION ON THE 1980 PHILIPPINE BAR EXAM – A reprint of the original report submitted by Madame Justice Herrera to the law schools Whether you are a law student or a law professor, this report is for you! It will help prevent you or your students from making the same mistakes that most bar takers make every year !

5.) Marketing one of the best Bar Review Center – Can’t decide where to have your bar review? Read this ! You will see the reason why we are promoting the Jurists Bar Review Center.

6.) How to invest in the Philippine stock market – 4b – A continuation of my stock market series. Part 4 is mainly on stock market terms and conventions.

7.) How to invest in the Philippine Stock market – 4c – Wish you could understand the stock market but it sounds to technical for you? This no non-sense stock market series helps you understand stock market jargon by explaining technical terms in the simplest way possible.


8.) Be inspired with this story – A short utube video clip on the success of Ashley Qualls. Be inspired by the story of this young “neterpreneur”

9.) Super memory – Can you imagine remembering every single detail of every single day of your life? What does it feel like to have “super memory” Read this post and find out. Watch the utube video as Brad “Super memory” Williams take on google and the internet in a contest as to who can access information faster !

10.) Love . . . it’s all Greek to me – The ancient Greeks did a better job in defining what love is. Read this post and find out why.

February 2008 closed with 98 posts and 110 comments (All time). I reached my self imposed target of 6000 views (since inception) for February as this blog has a total of 6,072 as of February 29, 2008 (For my goals for February see the post Looking back . . . Top ten post and blog performance for January 2008) The goal for March 2008 is to have a total of 12,000 views (including previews months)

I am glad that I still did not fail my goal of writing a single post every day.

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2 Responses to Top ten post and blog performance for February 2008

  1. misshoney says:

    I’ve heard Ashley Qualls before, he really knows what he is doing on the net! Good word btw ‘neterpreneur’

  2. zigfred says:

    misshoney: Thanks, I wish I could claim the word to be my own semantic invention, but “neterpreneur” has been quite around sometime, some sort of slang for enterpreneur who is internet based 🙂

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