Preparing to hurdle the Philippine bar exam ? Than this review center might just be for you !

One month to go and Jurists Bar review center will start its review classes in Cebu City !

Jurists Bar review Center is a one of a kind bar review center that not only provides bar-review lectures to bar reviewees but gives a unique bar review experience by establishing a system of coaching and performance-monitoring that would better prepare the reviewees for the bar examinations.

During its first season in the year 2005, Jurists obtained an overall passing percentage of 41.38% as against the national passing percentage of 27.20%. For those Jurists reviewees who faithfully followed and adhered to the Jurists training protocol of mock-bar examinations and attendance in one-on-one coaching sessions, the passing percentage was an astounding 85%. Gladys Gervacio, a Jurists Reviewee who faithfully followed the Jurists protocol, copped 6th place in the bar examinations and scored a perfect 100% in Labor Law and Legal Ethics, a feat unparalled in the annals of the bar examinations.

The secret to Jurists Bar review center’s success is because it cares for each bar reviewee by providing an individualized strategy to hurdle the bar exams. There are special lectures conducted on how to present your answers in the bar exams. Each bar reviewee’s style of presenting their answers is then tested through the rigorous mock bar exams that will be given. After the mock bar exams, coaches will then spend time alone with each reviewee to point out the weaknesses of each reviewees style of answering. With the system in place it is guaranteed that each Bar candidate’s chances of passing the bar will definitely improve.

Aside from that Jurists Bar Review offers a unique bar review experience by giving bar reviewees reasonable lecture hours (Only weekend lectures), no overlapping of subjects and ensuring that the best selection of lecturers is maintained through adhering to a strict monitoring and evaluation of lecturers. Jurists Bar Review also conducts “care giver” seminars where family and loved ones of each bar candidates are briefed on what the bar reviewee is going through so that they might be more understanding to the bar reviewee. This is perhaps the only review center that begins and closes each bar review season with a grand party and has a “tent” every Sunday during the bar exams.

Experience the Jurists advantage today!


If you wish to enroll or know more about Jurists Bar Review Center in Cebu City, call The Southwestern University School of Law and look for Jovie at (032)-4187077 or call the SWU trunkline at (032)-415-5555 and have the operator connect you to the SWU school of Law or visit our website at You can also visit the Jurists national website at

Hoping to see you in our first season of review in Cebu !

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8 Responses to Preparing to hurdle the Philippine bar exam ? Than this review center might just be for you !

  1. Interesting enough if you are into Law and stuff like that. Well good luck to all of your attendees!

  2. lady says:

    wow.. perfect in labor and legal ethics! Astonishing!
    I heard Jurist Review center is really good.. Law is such a hard course and a good review center is definitely a big help.A Lady’s Confessions

  3. zigfred says:

    Lady: Great ! Where did you hear about Jurists bar ? Visit my book site as well

  4. Juana N. Abella says:

    I am interested to enroll in your online review for the 2009 Bar exams. Please reply.

  5. interested in on line review too. plz repz!

  6. zigfred says:

    Maj: This is not an online Review. Jurists bar review center is now in Manila in Cebu. Will give you update soon on review schedule both for Manila and Cebu. Meantime check out the jurists website at

  7. tess says:

    hi! please send details of your review center in Manila like address and contact details,also fees and u have sched for this season?i mean this October onwards?i am interested,thanks,God bless..


  8. zigfred says:

    tess: You can view this information at the Jurists Bar Review Center website. Visit them at Please use the contact details to contact them directly.

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