Googel = Googol = ?

I mentioned earlier that I will resume my blogging activities on the first week of April. But a post by Marghil at, really intrigued me.

He mentioned that a blogger named Eli discovered two interesting keyword. Those are the keywords Googel and Googol.

Keywords are very important to bloggers because it will bring us more traffic. The more traffic you have the more page impressions you will have, the more chances of people clicking your ads and the more chances of you selling products. Whatever kind of commercial activities that a blogger is involved whether it is pay per click, pay per impression pay per visit, pay per whatsoever or selling affiliate products, the most important thing is the traffic. In short more traffic means more money.

A blogger or a webmaster must ensure that he gets a lot of traffic especially traffic from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, three of the world’s biggest search engines.

When a computer user goes to google (Otherwise known as Googel and Googol to some people hehehehe . . . ) and types a word, you have to ensure that you are in the first 3 pages or if possible in the first top 10 in the search engine’s first page. If you are in the 100th page, then most likely people from the search engine will not visit your site.

The key therefore is to ensure that your blog or website sustains a high volume of traffic all year long. One of those ways is to ensure this is that your blog or website must compete for the proper keywords.

Choosing a keyword is not easy. Some keywords have a lot of competition. You can know this by typing a keyword and looking at the upper right hand portion of the website. For example typing for the phrase “making money online” has more than 18 million results. Hence the chances if you making it to the top ten in google (or should I say Googel or Googol ?) are really slim.


Not only should you ensure that the keywords you choose does not have a lot of competition, you should also ensure that they have a high search volume. Meaning they are being searched by a considerable number of people. This will ensure that all your hard work for optimizing the keyword will not be for nothing. You can know this by going to google trends and typing the keyword. If Google trends display a graph, then the keyword is most likely a high volume keyword.


To sum it up you must opt for what bloggers call as “high-traffic” or what others call as “high trend” but low-dense keyword.”

Going back to the main topic, Googel is one high-traffic but low-dense keyword that bloggers must take advantage of. If you look at the graph below, it has sustained a huge and increasing number of searches since 2004. This shows that it is a high-traffic keyword. It is considered as low dense sense as of the time of this writing it is only referenced by 860,000 blogs or websites. In other words competing for this keyword is not so difficult.


On the other hand the google trend’s graph in Googol is not as impressive as Googel, nevertheless the fact that is shows up in google trends still makes it a high-traffic keyword. It’s density is also lower by half than that of Googel, being only 468,000 as of the time of this writing.


So what are you waiting for ? Optimize your blog for this keyword right now ! Don’t by surprised if I misspell google or should I say Googol, Googel in my future posts !!!

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9 Responses to Googel = Googol = ?

  1. Crystal says:

    Wow that’s really quite clever. Now that the word is out, I’m sure people will be rushing to add this keyword. However, when people click on the link to this site, will they get what they were looking for when they entered the keyword in the first place? Hmmm…

  2. zigfred says:

    Crystal: Your point is well taken, why would anyone type “Gogel” or “Googol” and search for it in the Google search engine when the spelling of “Google” is right there in big bold letters in the front.

    I think they will get what they are looking for if they go for “Googol” since this is the real spelling of “Google.” The Google founders accidentally mispelled it when they were registering for their domain. (Check out this story:

    Googol is an actual mathematical term. So when people search for it, I believe they really intended to search for it.

    My confusion is with the word “Googel.” There is no meaning for this word and I am quite surprised why people are searching for it. “Googel” is a sesame street character and I doubt people would be intentionally seeking for it.

    The reason for the high demand of the word “Googol” is probably due to the following reasons:

    1.) People are really searching for “Googol” which is an actual mathematical term.
    2.) They wanted to find out about “Google” the company but accidentally mispelled it when typing. (This is a common error)
    3.) They just don’t have anything to do. They wanted to find out the different ways on how to spell “Google”
    4.) People want to find out if they can register a domain name that is similair to “Google” (This is a popular strategy)

    For “Googel” I think reasons no. 2 to 4 is more plausible.

    Well whatever the reason is, only google or the people who are searching for the words can explain it themselves. The best thing that we can do is to speculate.

    Hey that gives me an idea ! I might write a post on this. Let me know your thoughts !

  3. Juler says:

    Marhgil is really an icon for SEO… Keep it up bro… maybe someday you will be side by side with them… hehehe SEO clan…. 😛

  4. Crystal says:

    Wow, I totally didn’t know about the misspelling of the domain name on the part of the Google boys. Imagine how awkward it would be if they did spell it right… then again, “Google” would be weird in that alternative universe.

    I think you have the potential for an article there, good luck!

  5. zigfred says:

    Juler: Thanks ! I hope I will be someday side by side with them !

  6. zigfred says:

    Crystal: Yep. But I kinda of like Google much better than Googol. Google sounds more cute.

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