Bar Exams 2007 to be released by Friday or Saturday

Judgement day, D day, moment of truth those are just some of the words that bar candidates choose to call the day that the bar exams would be released.

The Supreme Court in it’s website has officially anounced that the results for the 2007 bar exams which was held last September 2007 will be finally released either Friday, March 28, 2008 or Saturday, March 29, 2008. The Supreme Court En Banc will still have to meet tomorrow morning (Friday) to decide on the final release date.

It’s do or die tommorow for the 5,799 bar candidates that will no doubt be loosing sleep starting tonight. Rumors has been circulating that there were only 300 that passed the 2007 Philippine bar exams. If this is true only 6 % passed in what is regarded as the hardest exam in the Philippines. But I doubt if the rumors are true. The average passing rate since the 1950s was always within the 20% plus range.

This point in time takes me back a year ago when I was awaiting the results of the 2006 bar exams. I was so excited that the results will be released. Finally that day came. I knew about the results through the Philippine Supreme Court’s website. By the way I believe it was starting last year or two years ago that the Supreme Court went high-tech in releasing the results. They used to release it through bulletin boards. Now they do it via LCD monitor that are strategically displayed at the Supreme Court front yard near its Padre Faura entrance. (Perhaps in the future it would be advisable that they will send a text message to all bar candidates instead)

Release of the bar exams results might be a day of joy and celebration for others. But sadly for some, it will be a day of sadness. I agree with the opinion of others that the bar exams is not a true measure if one is really already prepared to become a lawyer. But we have to face the fact that the bar exams is the standard by which this is measured as of now. Until that will change, I guess we will have to live with that fact.


To all bar candidates of 2007 I wish you well ! No matter what the result is, always take comfort in the words of Mahatma Gandhi as I always did when I was still preparing for the bar exams that is “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.”

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3 Responses to Bar Exams 2007 to be released by Friday or Saturday

  1. Loi says:

    Well said, Bro! Continue to be an inspiration to all aspiring lawyers.

  2. zigfred says:

    Loi: Thanks loi ! Loi is my classmate in law school. I hope we can all live up to the expectations of the profession that we choose.

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