Why don’t you give love links on Valentine’s day

Yep you guessed it right!!! The title of this post is taken from the song “Why don’t you give love on Christmas day.” But since Christmas is still 11 months away, I’ve decided to refer to the nearest season, the Love month, February, Valentines day.

I’m sure you must have read my post “What’s the big deal about “No follow” and why you should disable it ?” If you haven’t read it, I encourage that you do so since I will be discussing here how to remove “No follow” in your Word press blog. But if you know what I am talking about, read on.

There are lots of ways to remove “No-follow” in your word press blog. You can even do a hack. But most of us would prefer doing it through a plug-in, much easier, less messier.

However there are several plugins available to remove “No-Follow” which of them should you choose ? Before I pick one out of the bunch let me just say that all of them are good. But there are those who stand out from among them and for me personally there is no better plugin that does it better than “Lucia’s Linky Love”

Lucia’s Linky Love is a “A DoFollow Plugin to Foil Human Comment Spammers!”
The plugin says exactly what it does. It gives lots of linky love to people who comment on your site as it allows “DoFollow” allowing search engines hopefully to follow the author links and the comment links placed in your site.

This cool plugin does not only enable a “DoFollow” it also gives you several options. You can set the number of comments a person has to make before the his author link is followed. For example I set mine to 3. After 3 comments, the author link is set to “DoFollow.” If the person comments some more, “DoFollow” is activated in the links he placed in the comments itself. (For mine I set it to 7 comments) Other cool features are the “comment counts” where the number of comments by a particular visitor will appear after their name. You can refuse to add a ‘dofollow’ to persons with long names. (Most spammers use long names like “Joe — SEO expert” or “Cashemere Dog Sweater”)


The plugin is so simple to use and to activate. Just install it like any other plugin, click activate go to options, configure it and you are ready to go !!!

So what are you waiting for ? Get Lucia’s Linky Love plugin today !!!

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3 Responses to Why don’t you give love links on Valentine’s day

  1. Menard says:

    Hi Zigfred,
    Just bloghopping.

    I’m gonna try this dofollow with my blog. I’ll let you know what happens.

  2. zigfred says:

    Menard: I do not recommend this anymore especially if you are starting out and you are trying to get a hi P.R Ranking. This is ok only if you have already achieved a lot of links and high P.R ranking 🙂

  3. Menard says:

    Thanks Zigfred! Yup, I decided to postpone this for now.

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