Super memory

They say that the human brain is the most powerful and most complex piece of machinery there is to exist. So powerful and complex it is that that computing power of a single human brain is more powerful than all of the world’s computers combined. I remember watching the STAR TREK: Voyager series. When the Starship Voyager was introduced it is said that it the fastest among the fleet because the way it transmits information is through the use of “Bio-neural circuitry.” This is without a doubt a reference as to how fast the brain processes information.

Unfortunately scientists tell us that the average human being only utilizes about 10 % of the brain.

However recently, scientists are baffled by a man who is said to have utilized his brain function, way above the average 10 %, a man who is said to have “Super memory” a man who remembers all the details of his life. His name is Brad Williams from Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Brad Williams recalls almost any news event and anything that he has experienced. This includes specific dates and even what the weather condition is during that time. The story of Brad William’s life is currently being filmed into a movie entitled “Unforgettable.”

Scientist has coined a fancy term for this “Super memory” condition. They call it “Hyperthymesia” and in order that we ordinary mortals could understand this, check out this cool comic strip by Greg Williams.



See Brad Williams in action as he takes on Google and the rest of the internet. Guess who can index, access and search information much more faster, man or machine? Want to make a bet? Post your comment first as to who will win before watching the youtube video below. If you win the bet I will send you 10 entrecard credits, if you loose you should send 10 entrecard credits to me. (This will take a little bit of honesty on your part those who have watched the video already are disqualified) Enter your guess now ! (Good only for the first 10 commentors)

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3 Responses to Super memory

  1. ATV Style says:

    From the moment we’re born, our every urge is met with parents trying to encourage a response THEY want. If you are aggressive in the least your parents try to temper you, if you whine, they say don’t.

    Imagine how much further ahead we’d be if society did the changing, not kids ? Consider that for a moment – You want a real go-getter for your kids when they become adults but you spent their child years disciplining them every time they became aggressive for something they wanted.

    Anyway – ignore me, continue on watching television commercials that tell you what you want and why… just don’t drool too much as you stunt your brain capacity. I bet this guy didn’t get “beat down” by tv and parents more concerned with society than development.

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  3. I’d like to remember more things and never forget. I always try to exercise my memory. It’s also amazing how we are always remembering things we shouldn’t and forgetting what we must remember.

    Too late to place a bet right?

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