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For the past few weeks, we had been busily promoting Jurists Bar Review Center in Cebu City Philippines. In fact I have written several articles related to Jurists Bar Review in this blog namely:

– November 27, 2007 – Ten reasons why I love Jurists Bar review Center

– December 26, 2007 – One of the gifts I hope I will get for Christmas

– February 6, 2008 – Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy in Bar Exam review

jurists-entrecard-logo-final.JPGWe are utilizing all means to promote the review center. We are currently putting up the familiar “yellow” (The Jurists “official color”) posters in study centers, law schools, and government offices. Three huge streamers are also placed in heavily populated areas. We have given press releases to two newspapers; they will be possibly printed before the end of February or early March. We are also planning to promote via radio and of course place the traditional newspaper ads. We will also be calling our Southwestern Alumni personally. The last leg of our marketing effort will involve going inter-island and speaking to the various law schools in the nearby islands. If you are a student of a law school and would like for us to speak in your school for 30 to 45 minutes about Jurists Bar Review Center and the importance of how to answer in the bar exam, contact us about this.

One of the marketing tools that we use is a personalized letter written to law graduates encouraging them to review at the Jurists Bar review center. I would just like to feature this letter here in case a law graduate comes across this blog. If you are a law graduate and would like to know more about Jurist Bar Review Center – Cebu (or Manila) this letter is for you!!! If you have loved ones or friends who will be taking the bar exams, why don’t you tell them about this great review center that is now in Cebu.

So for all of you who are interested, here is the letter:

February 18, 2008Dear Law Graduate,The most talked about Bar Review Center in Manila is finally in Cebu !!!The Jurists Bar Review Center will be starting bar review classes on the first Saturday of April 2008 at the Southwestern University School Law.Jurists Bar Review Center was born out of the dream of Professors Gafar E. Lutian and Manuel R. Riguera to found a bar review center that would offer not only bar-review lectures but more importantly establish a system of coaching and performance-monitoring that would better prepare the reviewees for the bar examinations. In late 2004, after a series of extensive brain-storming sessions, in which Professors Riguera and Lutian were joined by their respective spouses Attys. Hazel and Gina, the core group designed a review and training regimen that was quite unique in that it was the first and so far only bar review program that involved individualized coaching, mock-bar examinations, and performance monitoring.The year 2005 was Jurists’ initial bar review season, and 82 reviewees enrolled for the program. When the bar results came out in March 2006, Jurists obtained an overall passing percentage of 41.38% as against the national passing percentage of 27.20%. For those Jurists reviewees who faithfully followed and adhered to the Jurists training protocol of mock-bar examinations and attendance in one-on-one coaching sessions, the passing percentage was an astounding 85%. Gladys Gervacio, a Jurists Reviewee who faithfully followed the Jurists protocol, copped 6th place in the bar examinations and scored a perfect 100% in Labor Law and Legal Ethics, a feat unparalled in the annals of the bar examinations.

The following reasons should make you consider enrolling at the Jurists Bar Review Center :

1.) Mock bar exams – Probably only one of the few law review centers in the country that conducts mock bar exams. This helps the examinee prepare for the pressure that will beset him in the actual bar exams.

2.) Individualized coaching – Jurists is probably the only review center that does this. After the bar exams have been checked, each reviewee will be coached as to how he should have answered the exam. Mistakes will be pointed out and it will be determined whether or not the reviewee has applied the answering methods taught be Jurists.

3.) Emphasis on presentation of answers – At Jurists, “how to present your answers in the bar exams” is a major subject. Lecturers constantly berate reviewees with regards to this matter. Special lecture sessions are also conducted regarding this matter. Jurists believe that how you answer is as relevant as what you answer. 50 % of the bar is won through the way you answer.

4.) Reasonable lecture hours & No overlapping of subjects- Unlike other review centers where they ask you to review for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, thereby reducing your study time or worst, reviewees choose not to attend lectures anymore, at Jurists lecture times are only on weekends. There is no overlapping of subjects. Each subject is discussed from start to finish before another subject will be tackled. (Example all of Civil law will be discussed first before proceeding to taxation etc.)

5.) The best selection of Lecturers – At Jurists, reviewees are asked to fill out an evaluation form after every lecture. The form is then submitted to the Jurists administration, which in turn will see if the Lecturer is really effective. Evaluating the lecturer through the evaluation form is not a mere formality; the administration always makes sure that the lecturers are informed of their performance during the review.

6.) A festive and family atmosphere – There is no “discrimination” in Jurists. No single school occupies the front rows only while the rest of those who are “not in” occupy the back. Every reviewee gets a chance to choose sit where he or she is comfortable. There is no “We are the more superior school” mentality. This is probably the only review center that tries to boost reviewees morale by throwing an opening and a closing party.

7.) Jurists cares – Jurists cares that the reviewee needs the support of their parents, that’s why we hold a “care givers meeting.” Jurists cares that a reviewee might be involved romantically with another reviewee and might disrupt his or her preparation for the bar that’s why we hold “counseling sessions” to resolve this problem. Jurists is the only Bar review center which has a “tent” during every bar exam Sunday. In Jurists caring for the bar exam reviewee is not just a cliché, it’s a way of doing things.

So what is the point of enrolling in a bar review center where after several weeks or months you do not even bother to go to review class anymore? The “Jurists experience” helps makes bar review more interesting and exciting.


Why spend thousands of Pesos to go to Manila when you can get quality bar exam review in Cebu City at less than half the cost.

Experience the Jurists advantage today!

If you wish to enroll or know more about Jurists Bar Review Center in Cebu City, call The Southwestern University School of Law at (032)-4187077 or call the SWU trunkline at (032)-415-5555 and have the operator connect you to the SWU school of Law. or visit our website at

For Jurists bar in Manila you can contact:

Prof. Manuel R. Riguera, Review Director

2/F Azucena Arcade, 255 Alabang-Zapote Road, Pamplona, Las Piñas City

Tel. No. (02)8726216; 8715749

Cell: 09183182130




Jurists Bar Team Cebu


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  2. aljun says:

    i want to know if u have a review center, or any affiliate in Cagayan Valley (Region 02). i want to enroll if u have. thanks a lot!

  3. nina says:

    hi! do u have any list of review centers here in manila.. pls.. inform me asap… thanks in advance!

  4. zigfred says:

    nina: Nope but there is a jurists bar review center in Manila. visit for more details.

  5. tess says:

    hi! i am from Imus avite,very much interested to attend review classes around las pinas-alabang area,pls send info.thanks

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