Looking back . . . Top ten post and blog performance for January 2008

Time sure flies fast! It just seems like yesterday when I entered into the world of blogging last late November 2007. As the first month of the year has ended, I wanted to inform you all of this blog’s performance. As I said before, my goal is to have 10,000 visitors a month. It seems that I am going in that direction by God’s grace. Here are my “most read post” for January 2008 and why I think they made it to the top ten.

1.) A stronger Philippine Peso . . . Fearless forecast – 68

Everybody, even the ordinary person is very much concern where the Philippine Peso is headed in the months to come. This post gives a compelling argument that the Philippine peso is most likely going to get stronger in the time to come. I mostly get visitors from this post through search engine searches.

2.) How to get rid of the “TTMS NAA NA DIRI” Virus – 37

Readers of this post most probably got infected by this Philippine made virus. This post gives detailed instructions on how to remove the virus. Most readers of this post also come through the search engines.

3.) Jose Rizal’s greatest legacy – 30

Jose Rizal’s contribution to our country may not only be his heroic efforts, the “Jose Rizal” keyword is helping drive tons of visitors into those blogs or websites that writes about him. However this post is not about using the Jose Rizal keyword. It discusses the greatest legacy the Jose Rizal ever made.


“Pinay Scandal” is a great keyword. Writing about this keyword is guaranteed to bring huge amounts of traffics to your site. However this post goes beyond the keyword and exposes what the real pinay scandal really is.

5.) How to invest in the Philippine Stock Market Part 2- 27

The stock market has made a splash all over the news last year since hitting historic highs. People want to get into the bandwagon but unfortunately lack the knowledge on how to do this. This post is part of a series made on the stock market.

6.) Putting up a call center? Think before you leap – 19

Business process outsourcing and call centers are the latest “hot trends” in the Philippines. But is putting up a call center really for you? This post dispels the myths regarding putting up a call center.

7.) Recommended books for the Philippine bar – 17

People look for patterns and models to follow. This applies to law students as well. So they ask those who have already passed the bar exams as to which books they should read to help them pass the bar exams. This short post gives suggestions as to what books you should read to help you pass the Philippine bar exams. Most readers of this post also came in through the search engines. This one of my two post that made it to the top 10 in December 2007.

8.) The Top 10 Richest Filipino of 2007 – 17

Also one of the post that made to the top 10 in December 2007. This post is popular as most of us wants to get rich, so we look up to those who have made it to the top. The article gives a snapshot of the country’s wealthiest Filipinos.


9.) How to pass the Philippine Bar exams – 12

I wrote this article when I was in my senior year in law school. Law students are very interested on suggestions on how to pass the Philippine bar exams

10.) How to invest in the Philippine Stock Market Part 3 – 11

Part of my stock market series. Expect more on these topics in the months to come.

January 2008 closed with 76 posts and 68 comments, contained within 10 categories. (This includes previous months) The number of viewers has doubled from 1,218 viewers by the end of December 2007 to 3,305 viewers at the end of January 2008. This blog has also been blessed with a Google Page Rank of “2.” I consider this as an achievement considering that this blog is only 2 months old and I am not really a full time blogger.

Still, I did not fail to write a post for a day. However I broke my 1 week writing in advance pace due to poor internet connection for almost 2 weeks. The worst case scenario was writing a post on the day it was supposed to be published.

For the month of February, I am implementing a new blog schedule. I have decided not to blog on weekends because I have taken on a new responsibility during weekends. (If you want to know more what it is, watch out for my post on February 6, 2008) This has something to do with my teaching activities. So my new blog schedule is as follows:

MondayTechnology / Internet marketing / Word press tips /blogging

Tuesday Financial Management, investments / Leadership, entrepreneurship, business

WednesdayLaw, Law Practice, law students / Or any Monday or Tuesday topics

ThursdayLife and Living / Politics, Social issues & Current events

FridayTheology, Apologetics, Faith / Or any Thursday topic

Whew ! With all the schedule I have, I don’t have time to work out anymore to loss some weight.

Hopefully the performance of this blog will continue to grow by the end of February 2008 so stay tuned!!! Subscribe to my RSS feed. This is a blog certainly worth following!

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