Jun Lozada

Jun Lozada – Hero or Hypocrite?

In my Business and economic forecast for 2008, I initially predicted that there will be no huge political mudslinging that will have an impact in the economy. I was wrong.

The Philippines is at it again! Calls for the President to step down have once again gained momentum on charges of alleged corruption as a result of the ZTE-NBN broadband deal. However in my opinion I don’t think this will succeed for several reasons. I will tackle that in another post.

Since the start of the ZTE-NBN broadband deal controversy the name “Jun Lozada” has become so popular.

In fact most webmasters and bloggers, would probably start exploiting the key word “Jun Lozada” right now considering that it is a high-trend, low-dense keyword. For those of you who do not know what a “high-trend but low-dense keyword,” by high trend we mean that a search for a certain keyword has been searched by a lot of people. You can know this if you go to google.com/trends. Type the keyword there and if the keyword produces a graph, that is already a “high-trend” keyword.

“Low dense” means there are only a few websites that are mentioning the keyword. Hence if you seek to be the top for this keyword you might make it to the number 1 page in google as the competition is not very stiff. You can know this by typing “Jun Lozaa” in google. On the upper right corner of the browser you can see the number of websites that contain Jun Lozada. (Only 286,000 as of the time of this writing)

But this post is not about optimizing the “Jun Lozada” keyword. Rather this post seeks to present the two sides of the story and seeks to answer whether Jun Lozada is a Hero or a hypocrite.

Jun Lozada’s words and actions tell his story on why he decided to testify against the administration. These are his reasons:

1.) He could not take it anymore. He has become guilt-stricken by the anomalous act that he helped facilitate before he repented of his ways that is why he decided to testify.
2.) He was somewhat moved by patriotism and his deep love for his country.


On the other hand the administration and other people paint him as somebody who is a hypocrite because of the following reasons and circumstances:

1.) His own testimony proves that initially he helped in the alleged commission of the offense before his alleged “repentance”;
2.) That he never had the intention to testify in the Senate, this is evidenced by his going to Hongkong to evade Senate inquiry. But because of the pressure that he has been receiving from the Senate and his being away from his family, he decided to tell all. In other words his “telling” all is not because he was guilt-stricken or because he was patriotic but because he was pressured to do so.

So which is which? Is Jun Lozada a hero or a hypocrite?

Scientist have a way of coming up with a simple conclusion when presented with two strong opposing theories or hypothesis. This is known as the principle of “Occam’s razor.” According to Wikipedia the principle of Occam’s razaor states that “the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory.” In simple layman’s term the principle is simply saying “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”

Using this simple principle, all things being equal, did Lozada testify because he was guilt stricken and moved with loved for his country or did he testify because of surmounting pressure? Take note, the simplest explanation is the best. Jun Lozada – Hero or hypocrite? Decide for yourself!

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  1. Enjoyed the tips on SEO. As for what Jun Lozada is, well history will judge him later with or without using the Occam’s razor principle. I am not up to date but I will bet on the second one, too much pressure..

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