Abalos burjer

Former Commission on Elections (Philippines) chairman Benjamin Abalos has been criticized by Filipinos worldwide for mispronouncing the word “hamburger.” Instead of pronouncing the “g” as in go, goat, or goal, he pronounced it as “j” as in jar, jam, jug. In short he said “hamburjer.”

The video of  Abalos mispronouncing the word “hamburger” is uploaded at yotube, yutube, utube, youtobe, youtube and has gained a certain degree of popularity, that I think Abalos should think about making it a tag line in his campaign and have the word “Abalos Hamburjer for _” printed in t-shirts,  and other campaign materials. This way perhaps people will be quickly remember him:-)

This reminds me of the movie Pink Panther, where Steve Martin played a French police inspector, Inspector Clouseau. In this short youtube video clip, Steve Martin was trying to pronounce the sentence “I would like to buy a hamburger.” If you haven’t seen the movie, watch the clip and you will find yourself laughing your lungs out. So who is more funny, Steve Martin or Chairman Abalos ? Cast your vote and drop me your comment !


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7 Responses to Abalos burjer

  1. lovely says:

    http://datelinedavao.blogspot.com says: the question is, did his commission went to the burjer joint? ha!ha! i think abalos’ version is better since there is no effort at all. steve martin can learn a lot of things from abalos and not just about being funny. by the way, i already added you to my link. hope you can do the same—thanks!

  2. zigfred says:

    Lovely: Just added you to my blogroll. Thanks for the comment

  3. ArtM says:

    I recently came across the website below regarding Mr. Jun Lozada and I thought I should share it with you:


    The soundtrack it provides might help us discern the truth better about the man.

  4. zigfred says:

    ARtM: Wow! what a gold mine of truth and information ! There are always two sides to the story. I guess Lozada and Joey are not the “heroes” as people paint them to be. It may be proper to even label them as hypocrites.

  5. Real life beats movies any day. So I guess Steve Martin looses here!;))

  6. Iris says:

    This is pathetic. How could a high ranking official mispronounce such a simple word? Remember, people judge others by the way they present themselves – attire, attitude and of course, grammar, which is an indication of ones level of education. Although Steve Martin was funnier, Abalos wins by a knockout.

  7. zigfred says:

    Iris: hehehehe love your last statement . . .”Abalos wins by a knockout !” Definitely !

    By the way “Ben’s burgers” or should I say “Burjers” oh I forgot, the name of the restaurant is “Ben’s diner” . . . has already opened up two more branches because of the popularity of this video.

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