Free ebook give away for the month of February 2008

great-tips-for-dating-success.JPGSince February is considered by most as the “love month” the free giveaway for the month of February 2008 is an ebook entitled “Happiness and Marriage.” The following are the guidelines in order that you can receive the free ebook.

1.) You have to give three (3) “sensible” comments on any posts in this blog.
2.) Aside from the above comments, you have to give a separate comment on this post indicating that you want to receive the free ebook.
3.) Offer expires on February 29, 2008 (Philippine time)
4.) Comments made before the date and time of this post is not included.
5.) The ebook will be sent via email. Please provide a valid email address.

(Note: The views on dating presented in the free ebook belongs only to the author. The author of this blog may or may not support his views)


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