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Without music life would be a mistake. ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I may not agree with Nietzche’s atheistic philosophies but I definitely agree that life without music is a mistake.

Life without music is definitely a mistake because music is the only language that every human being knows how to speak. It is often called as the “Universal language.”

Words may be powerful as it may stir up the emotions of its readers, but it is only music that touches the human soul.

The wonders of music still cannot be fully scientifically explained. How can arrangements of sounds have such an impact in our innermost being? It is still a wonder that certain arrangement of sounds will somehow dictate our feelings. This certainly is still a mystery that confounds all of us.

Eric Anderson aptly says this about music, “It is only by introducing the young to great literature, drama and music, and to the excitement of great science that we open to them the possibilities that lie within the human spirit — enable them to see visions and dream dreams.”

Recently, CNN reported that the New York Philharmonic orchestra has performed in North Korea to a large number of North Koreans. The performance was even broadcast in North Koreantelevision so that the ordinary North Koreans can see it in their homes. This is definitely a significant development considering that all that they show on television in North Korea is propaganda. It is such a wonder that a very strict, communist country like North Korea would allow the New York Philharmonic Orchestra to perform there. The report said that it is the first time that North Koreans have seen such a large number of Americans in North Korean territory. Observers say that they hope that it will mark the beginning of a cultural exchange and hopefully will enable North Korea to start opening up to the rest of the world.


North Korea may close its door to traditional diplomacy but it is certainly opening its door through cultural diplomacy through music.

This post is not to discuss the wonders and magic of music. Rather it is to introduce to you a one of a kind blog, a blog that is all about music this blog is no other than “MUSIC PICKS.” While most blogs today focus on popular topics such as making money online, this blog chooses to “touch our soul” by giving us insights on today’s popular music and other music picks by the blog’s author a music lover himself, Ed Arevalo.

Although from time to time, the author posts other stuff aside from music, the main topic of the blog is music.

So if you want some unique insights into today’s music, or updates on albums, concerts, tours and the latest on your favorite music stars visit MUSIC PICKS today !

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3 Responses to Blog review: A one of a kind blog – MUSIC PICKS

  1. Edward says:

    Thanks for the review man! =)

  2. Artp says:

    “Without music life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
    Totally right.

  3. I wonder what Nietzsche would have to say about today’s music. Probably he’d say the same thing as our music is somewhat based on the music of our predecessors. And yes, life without music is futile!:))

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