Would you have invested with the skinny little geek?

Would you have invested with the skinny little geek?

Sometime last week, my Dad asked me to attend a multi-level marketing seminar involving Voice Over Internet Protocol (V.O.I.P) products. He wanted to attend the seminar personally but he asked me to attend the seminar primarily for two reasons first he had another meeting to attend and secondly, he just did not understand what the product is all about. (This also goes for all other “hi-tech” products) So I reluctantly attended the seminar.

An American gave the presentation. He was very eloquent and convincing. The product was equally good as well. But what really intrigued me was the sales pitch he made when asked he people to join the multi-level marketing company.

He told us that Microsoft is one of the richest and one of the most successful company in the world. The company is currently worth more than $ 200 Billion dollars. If these guys would come knocking at your door, you wouldn’t hesitate to give them your investments.




But let’s just pretend for a moment that it is the year 1978. A group of casually dress casually dressed, long haired, hippie looking geeks came knocking at your door asking you to invest in their company or even work for them. They said their product is something called “computer software” and that it would change the world in the years to come. That skinny little geek at the left side wearing a blue shirt at the bottom of the picture said you would regret it if you wouldn’t invest in their company. Would you have invested your time or your money?

Those who did decide to invest became millionaires and even billionaires later on. Some of those people left after several years and months while those who remained and stayed with the company for a long period of time became very rich.

Nobody expected that those casually dressed, long haired, hippie looking geeks would make billions and change the world years later. But those who invested in them truly reaped the benefits. The speaker closed by asking the audience if they are willing to take the chance to join in the multi-level marketing scheme of the new VOIP product. The sales pitch was good, and the product is good. But experience tells me that any multi-level marketing based business will only be good for a couple of years, after that the business has to switch to traditional since the market will be so saturated that you will have nobody to recruit. If the speaker was asking people to buy shares of stocks perhaps I might buy some. Who knows ? 20 years from now I might look back and say that I’m glad I have invested. (P.S the skinny little geek wearing the blue shirt happens to be Bill Gates and the bald guy is Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer)

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