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Years ago I was totally convinced that the internet is a gold mine waiting to be exploited. I did some research until I focused on a certain online money making venture, Blogging. When I began blogging, late November 2007, I was looking for online models both here and abroad. I was looking for bloggers whose footsteps I could follow. I was looking for bloggers who had been successful in what they are doing. I wanted to know how they did it.

I came across Sustines E. Laplana’s site through a Sun Star article authored by Janet Toral. I was actually amazed by his blogging success story. Laplana blogs directly from Maasin, Southern Leyete. The Sun Star article said that Laplana’s site proves that “you don’t have to be in Manila or in a big city to succeed at blogging.” I totally agree. There are those from who think that you have to be “Manila Boys” or City boys to succeed at something. This kind of mentality is pervasive even among us from the provinces. But I am glad somebody like Sustines Laplana stood up and proved wrong those who think that way.

Sustines site, selaplana.com focuses on Technology, Entertainment and several society based issues. You will also find helpful tips on making money, blogging, SEO, and Adsense optimization. From time to time he makes helpful product reviews. He is also a deeply religious person like me and although I do not totally agree with some of the doctrinal positions that he takes, nevertheless he makes some interesting points.

Sustines, sometimes mentions in his site that some of his co-filipino bloggers call him as “idiot” and “dumb.” But he never takes this negatively. He takes their challenge by honing his writing skills more. This is truly one of the hallmarks of a person that will succeed in whatever life throws at him. To all of you out there who calls him “idiot” and “dumb,” “Let he who is without sin . . . cast the first stone.”

Although this posts is mainly a response to his “Join Review Me Challenge and Win”, all of the compliments that I gave about Sustines E. Laplana is totally sincerely given. New and veteran bloggers alike will certainly look up to him for inspiration.


The other week, I gave back to my students their test paper in business law at the Cebu Institute of Technology – Department of Industrial Engineering. I told them that if you merely passed it is because you need to improve your English or reasoning skills. I told them that Filipinos miss opportunities because they fail to develop their English skills. One of the examples I cited was blogging for instance. There is so much opportunity for money to be made in blogging. I told them about the blogging success story of Sustines Laplana. After several days one of my students started taking up the challenge by creating a blog.

The internet is a great equalizer. All of us whether from the provinces, cities, or rural areas have the same shot at success. Whether or not we succeed in what we do will depend on how we do it. But for Sustines Laplana who has already achieved a certain level of success in blogging and internet marketing, his story will always be there to inspire hundreds or thousands of future filipino bloggers.

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  1. webguru says:

    where’s the shout out box on your page ??? y delete it?

  2. zigfred says:

    Webguru: I added another advertiser in my sidebar (Widget bucks). I wanted to speed up the way the page loads so I have to delete something, that’s why I deleted the shout out box. But I added somethign new. Should you wish to contact me for anything, click on my “Contact” page and I will back to you as soon as I can.

  3. zigfred says:

    Webguru: I also wanted visitors to comment on the post instead of the shoutout box. So if you want to comment on anything just place your comments on the post. Thanks for your continued patronage.

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  6. Awesome ariticle… You really are adding value to the online community… Gregory Drake

  7. zigfred says:

    George: Thanks man !

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