How to display ads in your header and footer

I’ve been using the BLOGGER PRO word press theme by Design Disease for using this theme hehehehe:-)) for more than a month now and I love the theme. However I wanted to accomplish some stuff that I see are done by other bloggers on their site using the same theme as I have. In order to do this I have to tweak the theme a little bit.

There are times that I get discouraged, especially when I could not find a solution to the desired effect I am looking for. I am sometimes tempted to switch themes in order to solve the problem immediately. However until now I have resisted that temptation. I figure out that it is better to face the problem than run away from it. I always tend to look at the glass half full hence I decided to stick it out with this theme and study hard in order to achieve the desired effect I want implemented on my blog.

As I said I am no HTML expert, and I mostly rely on widgets to make tweaks to my blog. However since I desire to transcend to the level beyond the ordinary blogger, I was forced to hack my way around the theme deleting and adding html codes into the theme editor as necessary.

A blogger who uses the same theme as I have, has managed to place google ads just below his blog title and above his post. I wanted to achieve that effect too.

After several hours of viewing the source, and trying to find out where to insert the google adsense codes, I finally accomplished what I planned in achieving. If you notice in this blog, you can see that I now have google ads displayed at the top of the post, just below the blog title, I also have google ads and a webhosting ad displayed at the top of the footer. So here are the steps to achieve this:


1.) In your Word Press administration panel go to Presentation > Theme Editor > Main Index Template.
2.) To place ad below the header, Place the google adsense code below the first line of code (which is <?php get_header(); ?>) You can get the google adsense code at your google adsense account. Or if you wish you can get the html codes of other ads and place it here.
3.) Enter the HTML code <hr NOSHADE> in order to place a line below your adsense code in order to separate your first post from the ads.
4.) To place ads just above the footer, scroll down and place google adsense codes or any other html ad codes just above the last line of code (The last line is <?php get_footer(); ?>)
5.) If you wish to put a space between the codes use the html code “<p>” (Without the quotes)

If you have any other ideas on how to improve the BLOGGER PRO theme, drop me a comment.

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5 Responses to How to display ads in your header and footer

  1. Doulos says:

    Thanks for this information. I also use the same theme and wanted to put the ads in header and footer. Eventhough I tried what you said here, it didn’t work. Any suggestions.

  2. zigfred says:

    Doulos: What seems to be the problem ? Perhaps I could help. Be specific as to what do you think is the problem.

  3. Doulos says:

    I placed the code as you said, but it’s not showing?

  4. zigfred says:

    Doulos: I looked at your “source” it seems that you have not placed the adsense code there. After you placed the code did you press the button “Update file” ? It’s found below the right corner. Word press will then say “File updated” or something like that.

    Try comparing the “source code” of my page from yours. If you are using firefox go to VIEW > PAGE SOURCE (Or press Ctrl-U)

    Try to find this line of code:

    Just below

    , you should see your adsense code just like you see my Project wonderful code. If you don’t see it then you have not placed the code. I checked your source, there is nothing there.

    Let me know if you have further questions

  5. Doulos says:

    Thanks Zidac
    I have done it

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