A new way to place a non-obtrusive ad in a blog

There are three forces that are constantly struggling to dictate how a blogger will design his blog or website. Those three are ads, rich user experience and search engine optimization. Those three are always at war with each other and it is up to the blogger to maintain a balance between them.

Some blogs have too much ads that visitors to the site get turned off by pesky ads. (Ads such as Pop-ups, pop-overs and pop-unders) But what can I say, a blogger has to earn some dough for what he is doing.

There’s a new way to put a non-obtrusive ad in a blog that will not in anyway affect a user’s experience. This is made possible by a Word Press plugin called MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad 1.2. (If you notice there is an ad strip at the top of this blog. This is what I am reffering to) Most leading bloggers refer to MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad as a new non-obtrusive way of displaying an advertising message.

Putting ads and their corresponding links is very easy. There is even an option to put several ads and put them on “rotate” so that each time a user visits your site the ads are different. You can use this plug in to promote anything that comes into your mind. You can change the ad font, text color among other things. This is surely another advertising revenue source. The only draw I see about this plug in is that there is “Powered by MaxBlogPress” that appears on the right side of the Stripe. But who are we to complain, after all the author gave released it for free? Perhaps this is one way of “repaying” him for his act of kindness in coming up with this great idea and this great plugin. So what are you waiting for ? Get the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad 1.2 today !!!


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