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Working from home has always been a dream of mine. I’ve always been a home buddy ever since from my youth. Working at home also gives me more time to spend with my family.

In as much as I like the idea, I cannot achieve it now since I have a business to run a practice to pursue and several educational options to explore. I see myself as working at home probably about 20 years from now.

Nevertheless, I do not want to get behind in the ever fast changing landscape of the internet. I’ve always believed that the internet is the main avenue of working from home. I always see the internet as a gold mine, waiting to be exploited.

There are several not to mention hundreds of Filipinos already enjoying the benefits of working from home and earning from the internet. I feel left behind already. But when I compare it with the entire Filipino population, I feel I that I have an advantage. There’s always two ways of looking at a half water of glass, half empty or half full. I prefer the latter.

That is why I have started to trade in the stock market online as early as 2005 as this is one avenue wherein I could earn income even if I am just sitting in my chair.  I can read an analyze reports; monitor the market at my convenience and buy and sell online. Right now I am exploring the possibility of trading stocks worldwide online. But I still have a lot to learn on this area.

Another work at home venture is internet marketing. There are several ways of going about this and one of them is blogging. Although my blog is relatively new, I have really learned a lot already. I have observed said that the average Filipino part time blogger starts to earn from his/her blog in 1 or 2 years time. I am certainly looking forward to that and rest assured that I will share it with you as it might help you if you also possess the same desire to work from home several years from now.


Another avenue in internet marketing is selling online. I have bought stuff in ebay but I have not tried selling yet. Perhaps after I have become exhausted in reading blogging materials that I will turn to selling online.

Another possibility of making money online is through business process outsourcing. Designing websites is one. But definitely I won’t go into this. I just don’t have a natural ability for that stuff. Writing articles is probably a thing to explore, but as of now most of my writings are in furtherance of promoting my blog.

Whatever happens several years from now with the growing “work at home” industry through the internet, I want to be there when it happens.

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