The frustrated interior designer

I’m a person with many interests and one of the things that I truly love to pursue is interior design. I may not have a formal education on it but I think I have a natural ability for it.

Since last year, we had been renovating our house. By now its about to be done. the painters are just doing little finishing touches.

I wanted to show you all how our house looks like. Because of the multiple and contrasting colors that I use, some people say that our house looks like Jollibee. But I believe that this truly unique color combination is not so common to be found. When most people use colors they only use 1 color and when they do use variation they only use the same color in it’s light or darker mode. (For example if they use blue, then the variation would be dark or light blue) Our house may not be big and elegant but with a little color and some interior design, I believe I’ve managed to turn it into something truly unique.

So in order to show you what I mean I’ll give you a 3 minutes tour of how our house looks like.

dsc01438.JPGTo my right, you can see our main entrance and our living room. The color “pink” (Not really pure pink somewhat orange pink) and Green which are opposite colors in the color wheel are applied. You can also notice that the ceiling is colored maroon. Coloring the ceiling other colors other than white is something that is not so common on most houses. But in interior design this is an acceptable thing to do. In order to add more elegance to the design I utilized moldings and considered the effect of lighting. I used white for almost all the moldings that I use. You can also notice that we do not have a television in the living room. My wife thinks putting a television in the living room is a bad idea since the living room according to her is a place where we could talk and relax. But if the television is there we could not do so. So we banished the television to a little room near the kitchen and called it the “audio-visual” room.

The first door you can see is my wife’s personal office. The open door that you see is my personal office. This is not really and “office” where we do business or our day jobs. These are just “personal” offices where we could sit down do some personal stuff on the computer, read, think and write. The little console table used to be a big long table that I divided vertically. The painter and the carpenter did an excellent job into turning it into a console table. Above the console table I am planning to put a painting there, but I couldn’t find a suitable one just yet. I want to place an imitation of famous paintings. (Mona lisa by Da vinci, The Starry night by Van Gough or Spolarium by our very own Luna) But I couldn’t find where I could buy an imitation one. (I certainly couldn’t afford the real one !!!) If you know where to get a cheap imitation one drop me a message, I need to get about 5 cheap imitation paintings. If I could not find any of those I might as well resort to buying P 300+ paintings in the malls. (Or perhaps paint it myself ? hehehehe)

The picture to the left is my wife’s office. The contrasting colors blue and green are used. A somewhat light green colordsc01430.JPG (The color of the table) is used for the fixed tables and the ceiling. This has the same color as my office. I don’t want to show my office, as I have not organized it yet. My office is full of computers, computer stuff, and books among other things. (Sometimes I bring computer from the office and fix them myself. I also work on the old computers that our company does not use anymore, fix them and find something useful for them) My wife and I use to share the same personal office but she can’t stand all of the “techno garbage” that I bring in, so she decided to file for “legal separation” with regards to personal office space.

dsc01431.JPGThe next picture is taken while I am standing in the living room. Near the balusters is a little counter with high chairs. Behind the balusters is our kitchen. The 4 step stairs leads to the my son’s room and then the master’s bedroom. You can see that we still did have not added some artifacts in the little display cabinet on the left. The painting you can see there was done by my uncle, Andrew Barba. He is the one who did some of the paintings in Water Front Lahug, Cebu. He is quite a famous painter here in Cebu, Philippines.

This one here is our master bedroom. You can see that I used the traditional color this time, however with a differentdsc01433.JPG style. Half of the color in the walls is colored dark green while the upper half is light green. The ceiling is colored light green. You can see that I did something unique with the ceiling, raised it up a bit and added a little design to it. There’s some hidden fluorescent bulbs in those ceilings. Wooden blinds are used since natural wood, comes naturally with the color green.


dsc01436.JPGOur clothes are still within the master bedroom but we have created a “walk-in” closet. Next to the walk-in closet is our bath room.

Well that’s it. You don’t have to spend for an interior designer to make your house look nice. (It would be nice though if you do) All of this is possible because of the skill of the painter and carpenter that I utilized. The design is also possible because of the website A lot of people ask me where I got the color combinations, so here it is. Go to that website, click on explore color or inspiration and you can find the contrasting colors you want to combine there. If you want, you can even become a member of the website and you can upload your actual house pictures and apply the colors you want instead of experimenting with real colors.

Aside from, before I renovated the house I read a lot of materials on interior design online. You will be amazed with the tons of free information on interior design available on the web.

Oh one more thing, when you do the interior design yourself, make sure you get your wife’s consent, approval, and suggestions. This is not only to avoid a quarrel but you will be glad that you did as she might have some wonderful ideas that are equally as good as yours if not much more better.

Frustrated interior designer? I don’t think so. With the help of the internet I’d probably be thinking about a career shift someday.

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7 Responses to The frustrated interior designer

  1. Iris says:

    Wow, you really are a “jack of all trades”.

  2. zigfred says:

    Iris: hehehehe Thanks. I try not to be hehehehe

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  4. Great job! I love how easily you convey your information and make it such a quick read!

  5. Desiner Bags says:

    I agree with your post. Which is not something I will usually do! 🙂 I enjoy reading a post that will make one think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  6. Andrew Barba says:

    hi. thank you for mentioning my name in your article. who’s this? i hope to meet you soon on my next shows.

  7. zigfred says:

    Tito Andrew: Zigfred Diaz ni Anak ni Arlene Diaz 🙂

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