My top Word press Christmas theme picks

To celebrate the season, I have decided to give you a Christmas gift. I will feature three of my top Word Press Christmas theme choices. For those who have no knowledge or experience in blogging, replacing a Word Press theme is similar to replacing a “Theme” in your computer. You do not actually replace what’s under the hood (the inner workings of the operating system) you only replace how it will look like. So here they are:

1.) Christmas Days – My favorite design by my favorite Word Press theme designer, Design Disease. Unfortunately I cannot change to this theme since it has only 2 sidebars. But the design looks very cool and it even has a Christmas countdown. You can download and find out more about the theme here.

2.) Christmas Gift – My Favorite three column theme. The design looks great, its widget ready and works with the latest and previous Word Press versions. You can download and find out more about the theme here.

3.) Merry Christmas – A simplistic yet powerful theme design. You can find download and find out more about the theme here.


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