Bringing traffic to your site through free valuable articles

Websites + Traffic + Ads/Products = Money

Every veteran internet market and webmaster would agree that this simple equation is all that is there is to internet marketing or making money online.

Now that you’ve got a website how do you bring traffic in? There are thousands of ways to do this. There are ways that requires you to burn money and there are ways wherein you can do it for free.

Of course we always want to do bring in traffic without costing us a dime. So what is one way of doing it?
One way of doing it is to write valuable articles for free. If you have a blog, you are forced to write articles anyway so why not make your articles valuable and submit your articles to various free articles archiving website? Submitting articles to article hubs lets you spread your message all over the internet. Other webmasters will also use your free article by placing it in their website. With them doing this you get free advertisement since most of these free article sites allow you to post your authors bio and a link to your site. As time passes these backward links will pile up and eventually push your sites rating.

Not all backward links to your site are valuable. Search engines give more value to links to your site from other sites whose content are somehow related to your site. Writing free valuable articles are so much better in promoting your site than random link exchange programs or other methods or ways of trying to improve your sites ratings since most likely web masters will only try to feature articles that they feel are related to their sites.

It is true that you will have to take time and have some patience when submitting your articles to several free article archive websites, but I believe in the end it will truly pay off.


My site is less than a month old as of the time the writing of this article but I have submitted more than a dozen articles already to different article hubs. I am yet to see the effect of this. I take at least an hour or two a week to do this. Here are the websites wherein I have submit my articles to.

6.) – no username or password
9.) – No membership required

If you know of other Article submission sites please do inform me. Another good way to bring traffic to your site is by submitting your site to several directory submission services.  Happy blogging !!!

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