A necessary partner in doing internet business

When doing business it is necessary that you have a “partner” bank. I could not imagine what would happen to modern business today without a partner bank. Your bank enables you to store money through accounts, gives you access to a checking facility and of course grant you loans.

In online marketing, it is necessary that you should have a “partner bank” in order to succeed. They are not really called “banks” in a strictest sense of the word, but rather they very much perform the same function since they help you store money, and do online business. These “banks” are called online market places.

So what do these “online market places” do? In a nutshell it goes like this. Internet marketing is just like any other marketing. You have sellers, you have middle men who sell the seller’s wares and you have buyers. An Online market allows sellers to meet with middlemen. The middlemen in cyberspace are called “affiliates.” Online Market places allows the affiliates and the sellers to meet. Sellers give details about promotional products and offer promotional tools. Affiliates in turn get paid commissions every time a product is sold when a buyer buys a product through an affiliate’s website. Affiliate marketing is a great way to do internet business and make money online.

One of the rising stars in “online market place” is PAYDOTCOM. Paydotcom is an online market place where affiliates meet sellers.

What distinguishes paydotcom from the others is that they charge a lower rate than most online market places. They also have a free account wherein affiliates can sell 1 product. Plus unlike others, the sellers pay your commissions to your paypal account. They also have lots and lots of advantages compared to other online market places. Add to the fact that paydotcom was started by an online marketer himself, this makes the site very friendly for online marketers. Plus paydotcom is integrated to your paypal account making withdrawals more easier for internet marketers, especially those from our country.


I tried to sign up at other online market places but sadly they do not even allow people from the Philippines to sign up in their site. In paydotcom, Filipinos need not be left behind in the internet marketing bandwagon.

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